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Treachery - Treachery (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 12 January 2009, 12:44 PM

This release instantly attracted my attention since I really love bands that I can't make out what their logos say! The fact is that this band's logo kind of makes you quickly understand what musical direction they have chosen to follow, and Black Metal it is. One more thing that seemed kind of interesting was the music style that the promo A4 info sheet that was contained in this release said that this band plays.

Anyway, the US act's formation date is unknown, but since this is only their debut release I just guess that they are fresh blood in the scene. Their debut EP is released through the Swiss label Czar Of Crickets (kind of weird name, don't you think?), an underground label/mailorder with only 3-4 four bands in its roster. Let's see how my first contact with this label and band will be.

Earlier, I mentioned that I found interesting the music style the band or label (whoever has written the info on the promo sheet) says TREACHERY play. As they claim, this is a Black Metal/Industrial/Doom/Dark Ambient band. And I have to disagree with that statement…

I didn't manage to find any Industrial, Doom or Dark Ambient mixed with Black Metal in here. The only thing I found is band with no personality that hasn't even tried to mix all the aforementioned elements together. The first track is 4:48 minutes full of pure Ambient noise, tracks 2, 3 and 4 are classic underground Black Metal music and the last song is a long and tiring composition that starts as Ambient, and continues as a Doom Metal song with Black Metal vocals and ends up being a noisy as fuck Black/Death Metal thing.

I think that this band has to try a bit harder to convince me. Some reviews I read about this release gave me the impression that I would have to face a talented new act, but as it seems my inbox will get some beautiful mails for one more time.

1 Star Rating

Kiss The Fist
Bound In Your Entrails
Could Not Find Her Heart
Enter Dominion
Hecate - Vocals
Abelcain - Guitar, Drums
Slutmachine - Bass
Record Label: Czar Of Crickets


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