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Treat - Ghost Of Graceland Award winner

Ghost Of Graceland
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 July 2016, 8:18 PM

Certain things never change…and for this we are lucky.

Yes, I have to say that, because TREAT - veterans of the Swedish Metal scene - are back with yet another excellent album: "Ghost Of Graceland". And lucky for me, I had the pleasure to hear and review this album.

For those who are not familiar with their career, they started back in the 80s (1981 to be clear) and reached great success in Europe due their great work in the very accessible Hard Rock/AOR vein; with fine choruses, charming melodies, perfect vocals, excellent guitars and keyboards, and great, heavy bass and drum work. But unfortunately, after some changes in the band's line up, along with the lack of success in North America, the band called it quits in 1993. Alas, they got back together in 2010, and are releasing excellent music. We are lucky, extremely lucky, dear nieces and nephews!

On "Ghost Of Graceland" we can feel that their work takes a more melodic and catchy direction than before, as well as adding some modern touches. To those ones who already know their work, you don't need to worry: the band wouldn't change their musical orientation after all these years. You are lucky!

The sound production on the album was done by Peter Mansson along with Anders Wikström (the band's guitarist and one of its founders) co-producing the record and providing lead vocals on "Together Alone". It is sound clean, high and mighty, but with a certain touch of weight (it's a Rock band after all, and it's the contribution of the modern instrumental tones that they are using). Everything sounds perfect. We are lucky to have an album of such a level on our hands.

There is the wonderful and truly melodic "Ghost Of Graceland" with its fine vocal work (Robert Ernlund and Patrick Appelgren are indeed in great shape); the modern guitars that are presented on the heavy and catchy "I Don't Miss The Misery" (Anders Wikström is really great here, but the song also has a lovely and charming chorus); the modern and instigating "Better The Devil You Know" with fine work from the bass guitar and the drums (along with the backing vocals, where Nalley Påhlsson and Jamie Borger are in very good shape); the tempos that enchant our senses on "Endangered", along with the great combined work from guitars and keyboards on "Inferno" (Patrick Appelgren is a really important part of their musical identity); the modern and heavy feeling that permeates "Nonstop Madness" and "Too Late To Die Young" (both with excellent choruses and vocals); the lovely ballad "Together Alone" (where Anders sings, but what the keyboards are doing is a work of genius, due the good taste and perfect arrangements); and "Everything To Everyone" – all of which can be pointed out as their finest moments on a perfect album. You're lucky for hearing such a great album as "Ghost Of Graceland", but as I love to ruin my readers’ days, the Japanese version of the album has an exclusive and different version for "Together Alone".

Yes, TREAT are back with all their quality and good taste. And we all are lucky…except me, because I'll have to import a copy of the album…

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

  1. Ghost Of Graceland
  2. I Don't Miss The Misery
  3. Better The Devil You Know
  4. Do Your Own Stunts
  5. Endangered
  6. Inferno
  7. Alien Earthlings
  8. Nonstop Madness
  9. Too Late To Die Young
  10. House On Fire
  11. Together Alone
  12. Everything To Everyone
  13. Together Alone (Alternate Version - Japanese Bonus Track)
Robert Ernlund - Vocals
Anders Wikström – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Nalley Påhlsson – Bass/Backing Vocals
Patrick Appelgren – Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Jamie Borger – Drums/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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