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Treat Coup De Grace

Coup De Grace
by Grigoris Chronis at 10 March 2010, 11:03 AM

“This is our footprint in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. We can proudly say that this is the album we would like to show our grandkids”. I do not know how much enthusiasm this quote from Anders Wickstrom shows but if I ever live to tell my own grandchildren bout this new album I’ll probably urge them to listen to music made from the heart, by an everlasting honest band. TREAT’s new CD is here to stay and you can, too, protest against rip-off reunions for the sake of money and/or vanity; “Coup De Grace” is your perfect weapon.

TREAT’s legend was near to explode somewhere around 1986 in Sweden. Running along fellow hardrockers EUROPE to reach the Scandinavian Hard Rock top of the tops, it was the Tempest/Norum duo’s “The Final Countdown” commercial breakthrough that – among other things – let TREAT’s color fade away, at least to the big markets’ eyes. Sadly, the charismatic outfit had surpassed various expectations and anticipations with the “Scratch ‘n’ Bite” and “The Pleasure Principle” duo of LPs the previous years and their phenomenal “Dreamhunter” (1987) opus offered only a little to the band’s portfolio. Never say never, on the other hand, and years after their last studio recording – let’s not, though, forget the “Weapons Of Choice 1984-2006” compilation featuring 2-3 new or unreleased numbers – “Coup De Grace” storms in and shall not let any friend of the band down, no fuckin’ way.

The key factors regarding “Coup De Grace”’s pride are:

- The production: clear, solid, heavy while at the same time velvet. Really, the sound is excellent offering pieces of the past and present in Swedish Hard Rock all the way. The mix gives justice to all instruments while the vocals are standing in line with the music, creating a balanced total that shall not leave any option for protest. I could not imagine a better level of sound for this album’s songs.

- The vocals: Robert Ernlund was/is one of the most convincing throats when it comes to melody and straightforwardness, no questions asked. Not trying to downgrade any other Swedish vocalist’s value – and the ones familiar with this genre know Sweden has offered some quite impressive singers all these years – my opinion is Robert has a unique ability to urge you to party, fall in love, wander or fool around just to the singing of a note or two. His exceptional throat shows no signs of wear from all these years and – to my surprise – watching him perform live at last year’s Firefest festival (UK) proved to be a lovely experience now confirmed in “Coup De Grace”’s excellent singing.

- The songlist colors: In “Coup De Grace” you’ll have the chance to listen to many things you rarely enjoy in today’s music. First of all it’s the typical TREAT stamp fan of the band shall not escape falling in love with. Furthermore, a general taste of what Scandinavia has offered in Hard Rock music (TALISMAN, EUROPE, PRETTY MAIDS, M.ILL.ION.) is visible – or should we say “audible”? – and even pomp/symphonic or more gloomy moments (do not imagine any excessive selections, though) that e.g. followers of Euro Heavy/Power Metal music (AXXIS, EDGUY, DOMAIN, EVIDENCE ONE) shall enjoy are here willing to warp up an ideal present for one hour spent with…

…a really remarkable CD (with equally remarkable lyrics dealing with the usual love themes but also reaching politics and issues of the modern times) worth your interest and money. OK, for younger Rock fans TREAT may be something of an ‘obscure’ name but…what the hell? “Coup De Grace” has no fillers but only songs willing to send shivers down your spine. The album has such class you’ll be having a hard time accepting its release date. I do not know if TREAT is back for good, but such brilliant hooks confirm the Stockholm-based band is still asking for more; who do we think we are to deny?

P.S.: Be informed their “World Of Promises” classic was covered by NWOSDM band IN FLAMES some years ago, if you ever happen to come across it.

4 Star Rating

  1. Prelude - Coup De Grace
  2. The War Is Over
  3. All In
  4. Paper Tiger
  5. Roar
  6. A Life To Die For
  7. Tangled Up
  8. Skies Of Mongolia
  9. Heaven Can Wait
  10. I’m Not Runnin’
  11. No Way Without You
  12. We Own The Night
  13. All For Love
  14. Breathless
Robert Ernlund - Vocals
Anders Wickstrom - Guitars, Background Vocals
Jamie Borger - Drums
Nalle Pahlsson - Bass
Patrick Appelgren - Keyboards, Guitars, Background Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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