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Treibstoff - Brennendes Gold

Brennendes Gold
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 15 September 2016, 10:52 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you; TREIBSTOFF, performing Groove/Thrash Metal…hailing from the glory of Germany – signed via 7hard, and on their debut album entitled: “Brennendes Gold”.

Unfortunately; German is a language I find hard to understand, so while I can't understand the lyrical direction…I may have to go by the vocal direction, and just give you my opinions on that. While this is not unknown in the world of Metal - see RAMMSTEIN; TREIBSTOFF use that incentive and I am open to it. With “Brennendes Gold”, I am acquainted with a quintet who implements the formation of Groove Metal, and blends it with the Thrash Metal balance. This is not unprecedented, as I have heard this in quartet's such as Birmingham's HOSTILE, where the PANTERA influence is very well notable. This here band gives us a lesson in Thrash Metal; abusing their instruments with cunning force for that destructive form of musicianship. The only off-putting element would have to be lack of English vocals; however, if you can get passed that and just enjoy it instrumentally - prepare to thrash like a maniac with groovy competence.

Flo on vocals exploits some consistent cords that warrant the groove incentive, as well as the thrash. The only off-put is the German-only vocals so; take it with a grain of salt. Marcus aka Schulleck on guitar, unleashes air-guitar riffery that gives off some energetic vibes to air-guitar with groovy punch lines that are efficiently flair. Alex on bass and the drum beast Bodo aka Drumbeast adequately flourish this powerhouse with dexterity and consistency. “Brennedes Gold” features an extensive production with 10 mental songs that will guarantee any thrasher to pummel their heads and fists into headbanging oblivion. This complex yet substantial record is around 50 minutes long; yet while it differentiates from your typical yet peculiar origination; I still thoroughly enjoyed the instrumentation that was embedded within. TREIBSTOFF truly are unique; though mostly relevant for German Metalheads on the vocal transition I'd imagine? Arguably for debate.

Songs such as: “Wer wir sind”, “Der Mensch Das Tier”, “Zurückentwicklung” begin the savagery with groovy precision. Each song transcends into instrumental brutality where one can arguably feel the PANTERA influence easily; even the vocalist sounds like Philip H. Anselmo, and even HOSTILE's Jay Mills can be imaginably amalgamate. “Attackier mich”, “Im Feuer stehen”, “Gefängnis” evidently showcase said opinion; while later on, one can pretentiously imagine this…as the notion grows stronger for me as the album progresses - all still sounds exquisitely ferocious however. “Flüchtling”, “Willusion” and the titular track: “Brennendes Gold” tries to differentiate diversity into making things as stellar and solid as possible. Ending “Brennendes Gold” with headbanging clarity; “Die offene Tür” pummel my eardrums with ballsy coherence. Perfect for German Thrashers; not so much English, but still worth listening to at least once.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Wer wir sind
2. Der Mensch Das Tier
3. Zurückentwicklung
4. Attackier mich
5. Im Feuer stehen
6. Gefängnis
7. Flüchtling
8. Willusion
9. Brennendes Gold
10. Die offene Tür
Flo - Vocals
Marcus aka Schulleck - Guitar
Alex - Bass
Bodo aka Drumbeast - Drums
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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