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Tremonti - A Dying Machine Award winner

A Dying Machine
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 07 July 2018, 7:48 AM

There are Rock and Metal manifestations that are born from the purest creative power of the unrest of some musicians. In the case of Mark Tremonti (guitarist for ALTER BRIDGE), he is a true workaholic. He is releasing a new album using the name of TREMONTI, “A Dying Machine,” and let me tell you: it’s excellent! Try not to label their musical work, because it’s simply a form of Rock ‘n’ Roll opened to Hard Rock influences, but always guided by a modern and heavy insight. The band uses a great balance between melodies (due its charming choruses and catchy passages) and aggressiveness. Obviously, the focus of the album is not in something technically exaggerated, but in melodies that are easy to be understood by all the ones who listen to it.

So be prepared to be hooked, because it’s what “A Dying Machine” is up to. On the sound quality of the album, due the band’s experience, it’s is near perfection. Once again, the producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette (who worked with Slash, and with Mike on Alter Bridge) was called to create a good scenario on “A Dying Machine”. All sounds perfectly heavy and balanced between melodies and aggressive, with the modern feeling coming from the instrumental tunes. And the energy that flows from the songs is amazing.

All the songs are really fine pieces of heavy music. But on the “motorheadian” feeling of “Bringer of War” (excellent catchy chorus), the modern aggressiveness of “From the Sky” (the guitars are spewing Thrash riffs, but the melodies of the vocals are really charming), the wise mix between a melodic aesthetics with a modern embodiment of “A Dying Machine” (very good parts of bass guitar and drums can be heard on it), the fast and energetic “Throw Them to the Lions”, the melodic weight presented on “Make It Hurt”, the modern accessibility that can be heard on “The First the Last” (we could say that it’s a radio orientated song, if there’s radio stations out of internet), the contrast of an aggressive song with a hooking chorus of “The Day When Legions Burned” and “Take You with Me” rest the finest shots of “A Dying Machine”.

Play it out loud and enjoy the experience!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Bringer of War
2. From the Sky
3. A Dying Machine
4. Trust
5. Throw Them to the Lions
6. Make It Hurt
7. Traipse
8. The First the Last
9. A Lot Like Sin
10. The Day When Legions Burned
11. As the Silence Becomes Me
12. Take You with Me
13. Desolation
14. Found
Mark Tremonti - Guitars, Vocals
Eric Friedman - Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Garrett Whitlock - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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