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Trench Dogs - Stockholmiana

Trench Dogs
by Craig Rider at 10 March 2023, 1:51 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TRENCH DOGS; signed via Wild Kingdom Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Rock 'N' Roll/Punk/Glam Rock, on their sophomore full-length studio album entitled: "Stockholmiana" (released 3rd of March, 2023). Since formation in 2013; the quartet in question have only 1 EP entitled: "Fashionably Late" (released in 2015) & 2 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: "Year Of The Dog" (released 2018) on top of this here sophomoric album entitled: "Stockholmiana" of which I am introduced to. 11 tracks ranging around 40 minutes; TRENCH DOGS arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Rock 'N' Roll/Punk/Glam Rock culminations

Opening up with this rollicking remedy of rock 'n' roll catchiness; "A Little Overdressed" attributes at a boisterously bouncy amplification in flamboyant adrenaline and punky punchiness, ramified with this versatile vehemence on strumming hooks amongst a dexterously dynamic virtuosity on rocking grandeur in which manifests with organic substance to boot. Mattias Johansson on the riveting guitars flickers his axe distinctively with distinguished harmony; his prowess rumbles with reverberating thrust & tempo building crescendos in which tower with wildly rushing snappiness, whilst rifting maelstrom synergy stridently swifts with nimble jumpiness - especially in the rampantly rompy stridency of "Skulldug And Headsick".

Andy Hekkandi on vocals yells with throaty singing finesse; female & male cords excel at a zestful robustness on profusely strong melody & quirky soars, where "Bridges" fuels a glam-esque intrigue. A complex craftsmanship ability in these radio-friendly forges in feel-good instrumental executions contrasts flexibly; fabricating a fundamental element in implementing a heralding calamity in euphonic éclat and outré panache that's most prodigious with these merged subgenres in place. "Wine Stained Eyes" distils a sulphurous slab on seamless songwriting musicianship that's memorably tuneful & frolicking, anthemic mostly… there's still a vivacious suave on sophisticated musicality that will thrill you on your journey to work and on the way home at least.

Audible bass from the thumpy thuds Li Sick provides with; who uses rompy systematics whilst rambunctious drum hammerings from Martin Andersson both create a razor-sharp smack on momentous but choppy chimes that showcase rhythmic sturdiness for good measure. While songs like "Pumpkin Soup" have an enthralling archetype in enriching but hymnal entrance, a buoyant exuberance articulates immersivity with joyous grandiosity in "Georgian Red" following into a chirpy jamboree on jolly technicality in "Colourful" as intriguing licks exalt in upbeat virulence that's rather splendid to jam to on a hard day's work. This music is applicable in a pub setting too with no doubt, as effervescent grooves belt a clobbering foundation in angelic and somewhat jazzy momentum.

"I’ll Be Silver (You’ll Be Gold)" & "Flatliners" utilises more appealing detail in diligent diversities on varied yet venomous injections in infectious doses of wondrous impact in impulsing archaic hard rock significance that will put an immediate smile on your face, as the male chords from Andy within the latter track infuses a one-off spectacular performance that's most raw whilst a little bit rough on the edges for good adaptiveness. However, the silver-lining of this record revolves around a happy go lucky furore that's salubriously captivating and energetic all round. The penultimate song "Maroon" offers more monumental masquerades of impetus but jubilant radiance that should bring enlightening brisk fullness within this light-hearted but euphoric and ecstatic appeal TRENCH DOGS brings to the table; overall concluding "Stockholmiana" with the rigorous vigour of "Shapeshifter", I am compelled to say that while I discovered an enjoyably entertaining it certainly won't win record of the year material.

Bottom line; worthy of spinning should you fancy an easy-listening altruism of these subgenres that harness an elegantly exquisite experience of modernised Rock 'N' Roll/Punk/Glam Rock mobilities that will rock your day for sure, nevertheless… do check it out.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

01. A Little Overdressed
02. Skulldug And Headsick
03. Bridges
04. Wine Stained Eyes
05. Pumpkin Soup
06. Georgian Red
07. Colourful
08. I’ll Be Silver (You’ll Be Gold)
09. Flatliners
10. Maroon
11. Shapeshifter
Martin Andersson - Drums
Andy Hekkandi - Vocals
Mattias Johansson - Guitar
Li Sick - Bass
Record Label: Wild Kingdom Records


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