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Trenchwar - Criminal Organizations Award winner

Criminal Organizations
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 09 January 2021, 4:40 AM

Although many ignore this fact, it’s easy to understand that two Thrash metal schools gave rise to what is heard throughout the world: the melodic and technical approach from North American school, and the brutal and aggressive outfit from German school. But it’s not rare to hear bands mixing influences from both schools in a personal way today. And this is the case from TRECHWAR, from Turkey. One bit on “Criminal Organizations”, their first album, and you’ll understand what these words mean.

They mix the aggressiveness and technique from modern European Thrash Metal with the Old School melodic appeal from North American bands (especially from names as TESTAMENT and OVERKILL), and some little touches from Groove Thrash Metal on its earlier days (maybe a reminiscence of PANTERA’s “Cowboys from Hell”). They have a personal way of making their music, and besides it’s not a new genre at all, they have guts to unleash a hooking and outstanding energy. The sound quality is excellent. Modern, defined and with very good instrumental tunes, everything can be heard and understood without problems, and the blend between aggressiveness with a clear sonority allows some of the harmonies to become clear to everyone.

The band has an unusual feature: the songs are longer than is seen on releases from the genre, but it doesn’t sound boring in any moment. And maybe the technical work shown on “Kill” (very good bass guitar and drums parts, creating unexpected contrasts in many parts), the catchy Hardcore elements of “The Godfathers” (along with very good grunts in a similar way to Jeff Walker), the abrasive approach used on “Criminal Organizations” (very good guitar riffs with a spinecrushing outfit) and on “Mass Mind Rape”, and the ‘sabbathic’ slow tempered tempos of “Trenchwar” (on the solos, some influences from Fast Eddie Clarke can be heard due the dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll appeal of them) are the best for s first time on the quintet’s music.

Of course that TRENCHEWAR has a long road ahead, and will evolve more and more. And for now, prepare your necks for their massive heavy strike!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Kill
2. The Godfathers
3. Criminal Organizations
4. Rape of the Week
5. Mass Mind Rape
6. Thrash Not Trash
7. Trenchwar
Harun Altun - Vocals
Deniz Durdağ - Guitars
Dağhan Erdoğan - Guitars
Tolga Otabatmaz - Bass
Serdar Karahasanoğlu - Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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Edited 05 October 2022

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