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Trepas – L’ heritage Du Monde

L’ heritage Du Monde
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 17 December 2019, 5:47 AM

Founded by members and ex-members of MORGUE and OUTRE - TOMBE, TREPAS is one of the more recent bands Black Metal bands emerging from Québec. The band journeys between harsher moments and more atmospheric passages, all complimented by acoustic guitars and just a dash of doomish sensibility, creating a sound that is their very own in the process. A newcomer that is sure to delight fans of the more brooding and melancholic side that scene has been known for! “L’ heritage Du Monde” is their debut release, and contains six tracks.

“Rivages Sombres” leads off the album, with a fairly traditional Black Metal sound. The guitars and drums make a wall of sound, and the vocals are incensed and raging. Averse does some double time on the drums, really wailing away. A nice ambient passage appears just before the half-way mark and then the vocals go deep. “L’aube” has similar sound and cadence. It could be a continuation of the previous track. “L heritage Du Monde” again has a similar cadence but done in a different key. The lead guitar notes bring it to another level. Very haunting and beautiful. The slower, more droning passages are where they let the melody really shine.

“Charognes” begins as the others did. A wall of sound, and then it settles into a nice groove. The tracks are improving as the album goes along. They really know how to make a nice ambient passage to cut some of the intensity of their main sound. But, the chaos soon follows. The title track opens with a slower groove and some more melody. Again, the depressing ambient passage is so well done. I need to hear just a bit more of this, however, and the album would be an undeniable winner. “Errance” closes the album, opening with clean acoustical guitar, and a feeling of calm and peace. But you know what’s coming. A fast moving riff soon follows and then transforms to a powerful riff after the half-way mark. There is even a traditional guitar solo.

Overall, I found myself liking the album more and more as it continued. It’s traditional enough to please fans of the first wave of Black Metal, and interesting enough to please fans who aren’t afraid of a little variation when it comes to the genre. The album cover is fantastic as well. It’s good for a debut effort, and I think this a band to keep an eye out on when it comes to their future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7


3 Star Rating

1. Rivages Sombres
2. L’ aube
3. L’ heritage Du Monde
4. Charognes
5. Trepas
6. Errance
Fleau – Bass
Averse – Drums
Harfang – Guitars
Orme – Guitars
Goliatt – Vocals
Record Label: Sepulchral Productions


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