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Trepid Elucidation - Upcoming Reality

Trepid Elucidation
Upcoming Reality
by VR at 09 July 2017, 8:39 AM

TREPID ELUCIDATION was formed in the year 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal by drummer Francisco Marques and guitarist Miguel Branco who has since left the band. The band released a single entitled “Diminished into a Spacetime Interval” in the year 2015 which they included in their debut studio effort “Upcoming Reality”. Lyrically, the band focuses on themes like aliens, science fiction and human nature. They are influenced by bands like DEATH, ATHEIST, THE FACELESS and NECROPHAGIST among others.  The band plays Progressive and Technical Death Metal and they see their music as Melodic yet brutal. The band has said that they took about three years to record the album due to constraints like a stable lineup and budget issues. They also had issues regarding the directions of the tracks and band members did not concur which led them to re-write and re-record the album. Fans and critic have praised the album and the band has received positive feedback about their work. The band intends to tour and take their music across the globe to its fans and a tour of their native country Portugal is in the works. They decided to sign with Mosher records as the owner of the record label is a close friend of the band and they had the faith that the record label will promote the band to their satisfaction.

Unquestionable Death” starts off bizarre enough with unintelligible, alien sounds occupying the first minute. When the main riff hits you realize the kind of album the band has unleashed. Technical Metal with hints of Melodic and Thrash influenced riffs accompanied by growls that are guttural and demonic. This track is just over 6 minutes and the band has stocked it up with clever riffs and blistering lead guitar work. “Upcoming Reality” is the shortest song of the album and the twin guitar attack at the beginning gives the track a brilliant start. The track change tempo almost at will and the riffs and lead guitar work on this track is progressive in nature. “Beyond Comparison” has a mellow melody at the beginning that is unlike its predecessors and it lasts for less than a minute before crushing riffs and deathly growls take over. As with the earlier tracks, the song is steeped in Progressive and Technical quality. The album is wrapped up by “Corpse that Bleeds”, the longest song of the album with runtime of over 7 minutes. Bass guitar notes are heard prominently on this track and this song has prominent changes in tempo and composition. This track, for me, is the stand out track and it has riffs that warm the cockles of my Thrash filled heart.

The band has put out astonishingly brilliant Progressive/Technical Death metal album that belies their relative inexperience. Filled with rapid tempo changes, Growls and screeches, they do posses the talent and the skill that is required to come up with such impressive Technical and Progressive music. My only grouse, if any, is that I did feel that the music reminded me too much of the band DEATH only this was much more brutal. The album, in its entirety, runs for about 37 minutes and no doubt that they give the Scandinavians a run for their money. The tracks are around the 5 minute mark in average and they do have hints of Thrash as well as Old School Death Metal influences. The band has managed to come up with a very professional production which has led to a strong debut album. This is for fans of Death Metal fans who worship DEATH and ATHEIST.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Unquestionable Death
2. Upcoming Reality
3. Beyond Compassion
4. Diminished into a Spacetime Interval
5. Paradigm
6. Corpse that Breeds
Diogo Santana - Guitars, Vocals
João Jacinto - Guitars
Diogo Silva - Bass
Francisco Marques - Drums 
Record Label: Mosher Records


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