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Trial - 1

by Kevin Tanza at 10 August 2020, 12:47 AM

TRIAL is a new band from the UK that has just released their debut EP, “1”. And their mission statement is quite simple: to make raw, extreme and dark Metal music. That’s it. No fancy production, no intricate playing or anything of the sort. Just play Metal and play it in your face with a production that sounds like it was recorded in the dungeons of a forgotten castle.

Eyes Against Infinite Suppression” kicks off the whole thing and right from the get-go we can tell that this is not a band that is not messing around–they are going for the jugular. It reminds me to an underground Extreme Metal album from the 80's, with a very obscure production, vocals drowned by layers of raw guitar work and a fast-paced approach. It’s definitely not for everybody, but I don’t think that is a deal-breaker for the guys of TRIAL.

Then we have the amazing guitar work in “Colony Of Trial”, which is one of the strongest tracks in this EP. That main riff is phenomenal and carries the whole song in a masterful manner. The vocals here feel a monothematic, but that might be just me. This song is slower than “Eyes Against Infinite Suppression”, but it hits you a lot harder and that abrupt ending just adds to the nihilistic experience of listening to this EP.

I find it very interesting than a band like TRIAL, which is obviously inclined to Extreme Metal, has produced a main riff like the one in “Steel Premonition Against Time” because it wouldn’t feel out of place in a JUDAS PRIEST album, if I’m honest with you. That riff is certainly the star of the show here, along with the rhythm change in the middle of the song. TRIAL might be a little raw and inaccessible for a few of our readers, but there are moments of genius in this EP.

Towers Of Short Term Lies” is not only one of the finest titles in the history of music, but also a solid song at that. The pace is great, the guitar work is on point and the song flows in a very enjoyable manner. The impending darkness of the EP creeps in every single track and it adds to the experience, if I’m perfectly honest. I always say that bands that focus on atmosphere have a certain romantic notion of music and I say this in a positive manner–I think atmosphere is an underrated concept in Metal music these days.

We end the EP with “Mannequin Eyes”, which is the slowest song in the whole thing, but it feels like the most claustrophobic, constantly trapping the listener with these guitar riffs. And then it starts to kick off, getting faster and much more maniac. It’s a bizarre song, but it’s definitely interesting to listen to as a musical experiment.

1” is not for everybody. TRIAL as a whole is not for everybody. But for those that are interested, the EP gets better after repeated listens and it adds a lot more depth in each opportunity. It’s an interesting experience and you don’t listen albums like that these days.

Songwriting:  5
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  7
Production:  1

2 Star Rating

1. Eyes Against Infinite Suppression
2. Colony Of Trial
3. Steel Premonition Against Time
4. Towers Of Short Term Lies
5. Mannequin Eyes
Interim_Void – Vocal/Guitar/Bass
Demoniac - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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