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Trial - Vessel

by MarcusTheRocker at 08 January 2015, 11:17 AM

New year, new music and in 2014, the Swedes gave us some cracking albums and I was not disappointed with what I heard so I expect more of the same for 2015. So far we've got the new ECLIPSE album “Armageddonize” which is out next month on the fabulous Frontiers Records and judging by the samples shared so far, it’s going to be a cracker of an album but then it is ECLIPSE after all and they can do no wrong in my book but that’s for another time as the focus of this review is the sophomore album from Swedish Heavy Metal band TRIAL.

Formed in 2007, this quintet of Heavy Metal rockers have one album, one EP and one single to add to their belt and in roughly 2 weeks time, they will unleash their second album onto the world entitled “Vessel” which will be released on High Roller Records and I have high expectations of this what with it being a release from a Swedish album so I hope that Sweden follow their consistency of releasing quality albums will continue.

So do we start positively like we should do? Well as it pains me to say it, there is one thing that does put me a bit off when I looked at the song lengths and I noticed that some of them are quite long songs which I don’t have any problems with but I have heard albums with very long song lengths before that have bored me because the music itself was dull, boring and uninteresting so I hope it’s not the same here right?

Things do sound promising when you first hear it with the title track which opens up the album as it starts off with this beautiful acoustic melody before ripping into some mad Heavy Metal music. The pace of it does seem a bit slow if I’m honest but the title track is the shortest song on this album so that shouldn't really put you off.

Music wise? You know, I never thought I’d bring myself to say this but this is the first Swedish album I've ever heard where I've been left a bit confused and a bit disappointed. Why? The music is heavy make no mistake and some of the guitar melodies and solos are quite bonkers but I think that there could have been a bit more punch and bit more oomph in the melodies on some of the other songs. The vocal performance as well seems very second rate which is very unusual for an album from a great country but I think it’s biggest problem is that it becomes buried and lost underneath all the music and at times the singer tries a bit too hard and that shows in the performance.

And now we get onto something I addressed earlier which is the long song lengths which I hope would not be a problem but unfortunately it does become a problem later on as the last song on the album is the longest clocking at over 13 minutes long which is not promising as the long song lengths combined with the okay-ish performance from the music and the vocals can make it a bit boring at times to listen to as it seems to drag on sometimes especially when you bare in mind that the moment one tune ends, it launches straight into the next almost as if one long song has been written and split up into 7 different parts/songs.

Verdict time now and I will finish up this review by saying that I was genuinely surprised as I thought that Sweden could do no wrong but unfortunately TRIAL are the exception as I found myself very unimpressed with their music. That’s not to say they’re bad as given a few tweaks, I think they could be better but I’m not all that keen on their style I have to say but I hope this is just a one off from Sweden and it could well be seeing as we have the new album from the kickass ECLIPSE coming out next month and I know that is going to be awesome so I’m looking forward to reviewing it.

3 Star Rating

1. Vessel
2. To New Ends
3. Ecstasy Waltz
4. Through Bewilderment
5. A Ruined World
6. Where Man Becomes All
7. Restless Blood
Linus Johansson - Vocals
Alexander Ellström - Guitars
Andreas Johnsson - Guitars
Andréas Olsson - Bass
Martin Svensson - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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