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Trials - In The Shadow Of Swords

In The Shadow Of Swords
by Azmo Lozmodial at 01 August 2013, 11:04 AM

Nothing can be juicier than a groovy overpowering hysteria mixed with the fabric of thrash metal riffs, and one of these bands who tried this year to provide such a breakneck music is the American group TRIALS. TRIALS is a Groove / Thrash Metal band hailing from Chicago, and has been formed in 2007 and released the debut album “Witness To The Downfall” in 2011, and now this group is back with another ruthless frenzy, entitled “In The Shadow Of Swords”.

My headset was really glad by the overwhelming groovy atmosphere, the tuneful characteristics of Chuck Schuldiner's Thrash offspring and PANTERA's hysterical groovy riffs are arguably mixed together to produce such a headbanging vintage-antique, yet a modern compilation of influences. The members have managed to create a solid raging sound, with bright overwhelming production that reflected every instrument in the right corner of the speaker, I really enjoyed listening to this record and I think that this group has matured, because the materials that have been created in this record are fresher and stronger than the materials of the debut album, some would not agree with this, but it’s my personal opinion. The vocals efforts of this record are really respectful, the raging and extreme shouts and the warm clean singing have made the songwriting more vital and essential, and these vocals techniques satisfy a lot of fans from different styles of metal.

About 58 minutes of volcanic groovy rage and rapid thrashy storm, these 9 tracks will blow the socket of your speakers. The tracks "All the Promises", "Blueprints of Metaphor", "Upon This Day" are great examples of how killer Thrash and groovy music must sound like together, though a lot of bands fail to merge these styles together, but this group has did it successfully. The fans of old school Thrash Metal may not like the groovy moments inside the mixture of this record, but I guess these groovy moments have helped this record to get deeper dimensions and killer riffs.

Overall, the album is a great follow up to the debut album that the band has released in 2011, and it shows how the band has made a progress in creating such a great groovy riffs that smelled thrashy. Get your copy now of this record or listen to the tracks on the band's official bandcamp page, and start digging inside the physical sound of Groove / Thrash Metal yard.

4 Star Rating

1. Conjoined
2. Believers in Black
3. Blueprints of Metaphor
4. In the Misery Machine
5. With Only Sorrow Now
6. All the Promises
7. Upon This Day
8. Ancestor
9. Embracing Nothing
10. Spirit Leaves
Usha Rajbandari - Bass
Adam Kopecky - Drums
Mark Sugar - Vocals, Guitars
Ryan Bruchert – Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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