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Triangle B. - Memoria

Triangle B.
by H.P. Buttcraft at 18 February 2016, 5:03 AM

TRIANGLE B. is a progressive hard rock band from Moscow, Russia and “Memoria” is their debut album, released independently from the band themselves. Their music is an eclectic mix of several contemporary hard rock and heavy metal styles and subgenres borrowed from the large assortment of musical inspirations TRAINGLE B. tries to convey through their music.

Imagine that you’re not reading this review right now. Imagine that you and I, however you imagine us, are talking about music. At one point I say to you, “Hey, man, I just heard about this new band. They’re called TRIANGLE B.” Now what would you say?  If you think you’d say “What are they called again?”, than congratulations because you are the 1,00th person that had that exact same response about this band, including myself. At first I thought this was perhaps a new wave of Progressive, Industrial Vapor-Doom Metal spelled out with Unicode. But no, the word “Triangle” and then just an initial.

I don’t get it. If you get it please message me the meaning. I honestly want to find out.

I really don’t feel good about shitting all over an independent band but when you draw comparisons to bands like LINKIN PARK, DISTURBED and COAL CHAMBER, I have to draw a very clear line about what is true metal and what is progressive or alternative hard rock or nu metal. Because the styles of the band jump around so much, I don’t think anyone can nail down what this band is trying to go for. The music they create is something so tired and over worn today but would be considered groundbreaking and captivating to mainstream hard rock audiences in the early 2000’s.

Perhaps TRIANGLE B. is frozen in a cultural static point where, in their home country, music from the pop duo t.A.t.U. was groundbreaking and still controversial before being exposed by how contrived and phony they truly were. In that regard, I didn’t find the music on “Memoria” to be even slightly inspired or memorable. There is a heavy fog of unoriginality that hangs low over the music from TRIANGLE B. that I hope they can clear out by the next record.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 1
Memorability: 1
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

  1. Unhearable
  2. Lynch Law
  3. Sell Our Souls
  4. Hyperempatia
  5. AFR
  6. Royal Road
  7. Ephemera
0 – Vocals
Red – Guitar
Artem – Bass
Yura - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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