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Tribe - Pray For Calm...Need The Chaos (CD)

Pray For Calm...Need The Chaos
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 May 2009, 7:18 PM

When a new 'Metal' band emerges from the Untied Kingdom, there's a certain chance they won't be dealing with the traditional principals inherited by the glorious 70s/80s British heyday. Frankly, there are times a foreign visitor can spend the night at an English Metal club and - eventually - wonder if he's listening to something completely different also label as 'Metal'…TRIBE, ready or not, sum it up to a joint force between different worlds.
The fact that - as said in the Press Release - Pray For Calm…Need The Chaos got some great reaction by (among others) Bruce Dickinson frames what's next to be said. TRIBE combines the most 'mainstream' parts of 80s British Metal, flirts a lot with modern Hard Rock music and does not deny what many refer to as 'alternative/new/prog Metal'. The album's screaming it was made today, without having some helluva bombastic production, mainly due to its 'urban' atmosphere but also caused by some belligerence hard to pin down if you do not dig in the songlist's composing patterns.
A concise summary would - maybe? - lead to calling names, like e.g. a more contemporary version of Blaze Bayley's or Bruce Dickinson's solo works or some of the SPOCK'S BEARD or QUEEN magic. Still, there's much more to say in order to stick to the album's/band's identity. While not being the cup of tea for the in-your-face metalhead, TRIBE's debut shows a sufficient sample of musicians willing to throw different emotions at the table; be it Metal or Hard Rock or dunno-what-else. Aiming high, there are also tracks with piano parts that may lead to some comparisons with EDGUY's orchestral givings; to an extent, labeling some other songs - or songparts - as 'ambitious Prog Rock/Metal' would not be out of the question, too…
Reading the album's credits while listening to the album for one more time, I ran into Sascha Paeth's name (a really successful producer the ex-HEAVEN'S GATE axeman is the last years). Be it his or the band's decision, the final mix - I think - does not do justice to the songs' spark, otherwise backing gracefully the guitar themes' brio. This, by any means, is a draft conclusion, since everything concerning TRIBE and Pray For Calm…Need The Chaos really needs some hard study; you may think that TRIBE is - or not - your ideal company but living with the CD for quite some time (how easy this is, frankly, in our era?) shall definitely lead you a more enriched close-up view.
TRIBE is the next beloved band for the Metal fan always digging for new styles/blueprints, while the pure Metal follower shall stay away. Now, is there a grade for albums stuck to your head as surely interesting - must give it a try again?…

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Sons Of Bukowski
The Beating Of Black Wings
Ghost Ballet
Catch Me
Havels Hurricane
Words That Kill
Bad Dreams
Rise Up (And Fuel The Flame) (bonus track)
Nick Dunne - Guitars, Piano, Vocals
Gaz McKenzie - Bass
Paul Kettley - Vocals
Adam Goldsmith - Drums
Record Label: SAOL/HArt


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