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Trick or Treat – The Legend of the XII Saints

Trick or Treat
The Legend of the XII Saints
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 09 April 2020, 10:08 AM

TRICK OR TREAT is a 5-Piece Power Metal Band from Modena, Italy. Throughout 2019 and the early parts of 2020 (from March 2019 to February 2020), this band released singles each month representing the specific zodiac signs. I believe this is the first time I have ever heard a band doing this and this album is a compilation of all these songs put together. This is also the first album since ‘’Re-Animated’’ that came out back in 2018. The album was partly crowdfunded and they reached their goal rather quick so it shows how passionate their fans truly are.

For people that don’t know, this band started as a HELLOWEEN tribute band, hence the name of the band. In 2003 they did a live album with only HELLOWEEN covers on them and it peaked the interest of many people. It’s not easy doing a cover of any HELLOWEEN songs, it’s rather difficult to have the right pitch, the right vocal range. Hell, MASTERPLAN did an album of only covers of HELLOWEEN a few years back and it sucked so bad, it was rather disappointing to say the least!

They evolved as a tried and true Power Metal band afterwards and have been constantly churning new albums since 2006 and have been on countless European Metal festivals and have established a nice fanbase. I am quite happy to discover this band with you guys and see what all the hype is all about.

Power Metal is supposed to make you happy, make you dance, make you feel great. It’s a bit tongue in cheek obviously and some bands obviously don’t take them too seriously but that’s just fine by me. The genre itself is supposed to make you feel good, and in these dark times, you need a positive band like TREAT OR TREAT. I know a lot of people out there are extremely depressed, isolation does get to you and you feel lost. There is despair and you really like its hopeless, you need something to get your groove back. The genre is there like a beacon of hope for many people, including me.

Don’t expect any innovative songwriting yet the lyrical and concept ideas are really a nice departure from the genre. Their music can be obviously be label as Modern Melodic Power Metal. The whole album conveys something really uplifting. The lead singer Alessandro Conti is one of the best unknown Power Metal singers out there, he can compete with any of the giants out there like Fabio Leone, Tobias Sammet or even Timo Kotipelto. His high-pitched wails and impressive range gives this band a rather significant edge in an overcrowded genre. I think he does stand out from the rest of the band and drives the and. He is very energetic yet composed singer, he is able to give time and space to the other band members to really shine. That’s the mark of a great frontman that’s for damn sure.

This album is truly the representation of what this band is all about, it eliminates any doubt in the minds of the listener. They largely keep in check with their genre conventions yet I felt hey gave it a fresh coat of paint. You have some killer hooks and choruses and it makes for a highly enjoyable experience that doesn’t wear on the memory. No song seem to passed as filler and the zodiac lyrical content is something really different and that caught my eye right at the start. They have accomplished so much with this opus and you have some very energetic orchestration going on that keeps you wanting more.

The production of the album seems to be better than the previous effort. It felt less compressed and the sound is much clearer. It gives the music more room to breather and allows the band to be at it’s full potential. It’s a technically impressive and upbeat album and it’s perfect for times like these. It’s Power Metal that is deliciously epic one hell of an experience from beginning to end.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ave Athena (Intro)
2. Aries: Stardust Revolution
3. Taurus: Great Horn
4. Gemini: Another Dimension
5. Cancer: Underworld Wave
6. Leo: Lightning Plasma
7. Virgo: Tenbu Horin
8. Libra: One Hundred Dragons Force
9. Scorpio: Scarlet Needle
10. Sagittarius: Golden Arrow
11. Capricorn: Excalibur
12. Aquarius: Diamond Dust
13. Pisces: Bloody Rose
14. Last Hour (The Redemption)
Guido Benedetti – Guitars
Luca Setti – Drums
Luca Venturelli - Guitars
Leone Villani Conti – Bass
Alessandro Conti - Vocals
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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