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Triddana - Ripe For Rebellion

Ripe For Rebellion
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 21 February 2013, 12:26 PM

The clans have again united and are marching on ahead of the liars in wait. When the schism erupted in the ranks with SKILTRON, the time was ripe for rebellion. Swinging the scythe, holding the Highland banner high, and four key members knew from the beginning that they would continue the Celtic regaled legacy by creating TRIDDANA.

If you are not familiar with the unique brand of music these Argentinians muster by kilt, sword, and shield, then picture a combination of ELVENKING, CRUACHUAN, SKYCLAD, GRAVEDIGGER and bands of their ilk who incorporate folk type instrumentation.

This debut for the band is nothing short of spectacular embodying what I love with the SKILTRON releases, and adding even more elevations. Several songs are re-recorded from their 2011 (EP). Lion-lunged vocalist Diego Valdez has improved with his articulations, and at times he even reminds me of Jørn Lande, or at least when Jørn boldly attempts to mirror DIO's magical presence. A very catchy tune like the rollicking “Reaper's Lullaby” is a befitting example of this.

The lyrics are well-constructed too. “The Dead End Verse” assumes a very poignant philosophical stance when it comes to freeing oneself from the shackles of religious domination. Check out these lyrics: “You tried to cloud my eyes with shame, I know until I understood that guilt is control.” … “I'd rather sink my feet in burning oil…the mind is the true cage"… that, I've learned on my own. Right or wrong aren't to be read from an aging book… Better have blank pages and my life to write“.

The strong Pagan stance of “Spoke the Firefly (Fate Called)” recalls the imagery other festive tribes of the genre clan from ENSIFERUM, FOLKEARTH, HEIDVOLK, CNOC AN TURSA to TURISAS all defend wholeheartedly as the wicked wheel of times continues to spin.

The choice to cover Loreena McKennitt's “All Souls Night” is both wise and well-founded. The somber and passionate “Born in the Dark Age” balances well before the merry and mirthful “Men Of Clay”. The fantastic and phantasmal “Faking A War” has a strong political polemic, while maintaining that aggressive edge, with a sound similar to what countrymen TENGWAR rant and stand strong for, when the war begins. Here the guitar talents of Juan José Fornés rage on with wild weal and whimsy, while the bagpipes of war are forever echoed by Pablo Allen. All the while the dynamic drumming of newcomer Ranz solidifies the rant and tribal chant.

The two instrumentals in the middle and end tie in with this well-spun web of the WYRD. “Paddy's Leather Breeches Set” is in line with those indulgent Bostonian DROPKICK MURPHYS, while closing the delightful dance of the faeries with “Flames at Twilight” both rouses the dreamer and recalls the real Heathen ideal.

J Juan José Fornés is also responsible for the crisp production. Overall, I highly recommend this to any fan of SKILTRON or the Pagan Metal genre. May the flames of twilight forever burn in their impassioned heathen hearts!

3 Star Rating

1. The Beginning
2. The Wicked Wheel (Rage On)
3. The Dead End Verse
4. Reaper's Lullaby
5. Spoke the Firefly (Fate Called)
6. All Souls Night (Loreena McKennitt Cover)
7. Gone With the River
8. Paddy's Leather Breeches Set (Instrumental)
9. Born in the Dark Age
10. Men of Clay
11. Faking a War
12. Flames at Twilight (Instrumental
Diego Valdez – Vocals
Juan José Fornés – Guitars, Bouzouki
Pablo Allen – Bagpipes
Fernando Marty – Bass
Ranz – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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