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Triddana - The Power & The Will

The Power & The Will
by YngwieViking at 05 February 2016, 8:53 AM

Once again the fine people at Germany’s Power Prog Records proves their cleverness and, when it comes to sign interesting/sustainable acts formed by talented musicians who holds a real future and something new to offer, the fact that obviously they have some golden reliable ears…Congratulations!

Hailing from Argentina TRIDDANA was the proud author of a great debut untitled "Ripe For Rebellion" in 2012, notably distinguished by the -now departed- fantastic frontman the great & famed Diego Valdez (SKILTRON/HELKER/ELECTRONOMICON) that is now going apart for another pathway…With also great success.

As a true hope for South America in matters of Power Metal with Celtic Folkish colors, the Argentines of TRIDDANA are back for this sophomore album, armed with a new line up and also a new musical edge, the latent question was, whether they would have enough resources to climb up to the same quality as the first album…And if they had fully digested the departure of their former singer that was replaced brilliantly here by the Lead Guitarist/Mastermind Juan José Fornés (ex ELECTRONOMICON).

The first thing is that the complex style is still faithful to their early work, and it's with great pleasure that we find again all the elements that make the characteristic of their sonic design: the folkloric traditional instruments mixed with the classic pumping Heavy Metal rhythmic, enhanced by enchanting Epic tales, Celtic & Scottish melodies, that managed to find a solid balance between the bucolic whistle patterns, the gravity of the funeral Bagpipes choir mixed with the fury of the bloody battlefield drumming and the wind of triumph blowing to honor the warriors.

"Shouting Aloud" and "When The Enemy's Close" are founded on straight Hard Rock structures with stage crafted anthemic chorus, designed to please the whole headbanging community. "The Might In My Blood" is a cavalcade based on a galloping double kick pace with warrior's choir with the omnipresent and recurring theme enhanced upon the nostalgic sound of the Bagpipes, like a strange medieval meeting between JUDAS PRIEST/IRON MAIDEN and BRAVEHEART with of course many references to SKYCLAD and of course, various similarities with the GRAVE DIGGER's saga: "The Clans are Marching"

The twelve tracks that make up this album are built in a noble content strand of the glorious fate and the Highlanders fighting honor, those authentic hymns are working like a dimension capsule, the artistic spells takes the listener into a abyssal void, in order to traveling through space and time, onward to a journey through the Northern mountains, the misty moors land, full of myths and legends ("Echo Through The Days "/"Everlasting Lie").

The main man/Composer Juan José Fornes (ex SKILTRON) continues in assuming many duties as Producer/Engineer and of course taking wisely the double musical task, acting as Lead Singer and clever Axeman… The lyrics and conceptual side is affected to his collaborator, the talented Pablo Allen which is also responsible for all the Tin whistle parts and obviously the omnipresent highlands bagpipes orchestral score.
The modern impact is also very present in the tradition of SKILTRON's heritage, even if the primal aggression is tamed by the arrangements and not anymore at the forefront. The Metallic nature is nevertheless obvious in each and every cut (mostly the closing title track or "Everything Returns" & the instrumentals numbers "Galloping Shadows "/"Awakening")!

The history between Argentina and the former British Empire is an integral part of the concept but each compositions can stand for itself, in autonomy out of the album canvas, track after track the wake of the war-pipe is giving the same feeling of sacrifice with its own identity for a very adventurous, cinematic results borrowed in an heroic epic spirit like a final assault… The whole exudes a dense atmosphere that is both deep and strongly involved, however whose intensity varies very little, which is the only low point and the sole valid critic, but the very dynamic sound and the musical wealth of production is quite impressive, full of small heterogeneous arrangements that make everything reaching for a new dimension, sounding most of the time quite magical and reveal an exotic refreshing temperament…

Welcome to the bivouac, my friends… The silver platter album is out, since Mid-December, so hurry up, keep sharpened your axe and don't forget your sword!

4 Star Rating

 1. Shouting Aloud
 2. When The Enemy's Close
 3. Death Blow
 4. Echo Through The Days
 5. Everything Returns
 6. The Snake & The Pit
 7. The Might In My Blood
 8. Galloping Shadows
 9. Becoming
 10. Everlasting Lie
 11. Awakening
 12. The Power & The Will
Juan José Fornés - Lead Vocals/Guitars
Pablo Allen - Bagpipe/Whistle
Diego Rodríguez - Bass
Ranz - Drums
Record Label: Power Prog Records


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