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Trillionaire – Romulus Award winner

by Mike McMahan at 09 February 2021, 10:10 PM

TRILLIONAIRE is an American Progressive Metal band, made up of industry veterans coming together for their first release, “Romulus”. They possess an exceptionally interesting sound, filled with sweeping musical virtuosity, mixed with incredibly dark lyrical imagery, throughout this forty-three minute, eight song collection. I have a bias for the genre, and there aren’t many working at the moment who have put it together any better.

This record has united vocalist Renee Fontaine, percussionist Phil DuBois (FULIGIN, ex REVOCATION), and bassist Matt St. Gelais with a triad of stellar guitarists, Andrew LaCour (INTER ARMA, ex KEN MODE), Drew Storks and Kevin Savage. After the album’s recording, Gelais left the band and has been replaced by Greg Meisenberg (MAID MYRIAD, A FUCKING ELEPHANT). The musicians on the recorded product are incredibly tight, and the production values are superb. The album was mixed by Matt Bayles at Red Room (MASTADON, ISIS, NINE INCH NAILS) and mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering (PEARL JAM, CASPIAN).

“The Golden Goat” opens the release, with a dark guitar introduction that is filled with foreboding. The song itself, a six-minute journey through the hell of addiction, and the pain of watching someone live it, is EXACTLY the type of imagery I have already spoken of. I was not prepared for the effect this cut would have on me, as I am almost eleven years removed from that fight, and I found myself reacting to its lyrics very strongly. The writing is filled with metaphor, but enough straight forward brutality to get the desired point across.

“Yes, Mistress” deals with the dark side of love; and by dark, I mean midnight. The music here has a harsh, pounding urgency which matched the lyric beautifully. The guitars feel like a dagger, and the bottom end is thundering. The lyric “the lover willing to give flesh and blood and skeleton and all that may live within for one sweet moment of bliss…” puts the song to bed; and says enough to give you an idea of what comes before.

“One In The Chamber”  is another great example of the songwriting ability and imagination housed within this release. Give me a song about a society that considers Russian Roulette a sporting event, and I’ll bite every time. I couldn’t help but think back to the multiple scenes in Michael Cimino’s Oscar winning film, “The Deer Hunter”, while listening to this song; whether the writing was influenced by it or not, I am uncertain.
As I have already stated, I am a fan of Prog Metal, and what these gentlemen do here is provide an otherworldly example of it. I hope this band has a lot more to say in the future. I’ll be listening.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1.The Golden Goat
2.Dead By 25
4.Yes, Mistress
5.Temple Of Mercy
6.One In The Chamber
7.We Are The Devil
8.Northern Lights
Renee Fontaine – Vocals
Phil DuBois – Drums
Matt St. Gelais – Bass
Andrew LaCour – Guitar
Drew Storks – Guitar
Kevin Savage – Guitar
Record Label: Nefarious Industries


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