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Trimonium - Son Of A Blizzard (CD)

Son Of A Blizzard
by Yiannis Doukas at 05 September 2007, 11:05 PM

From the beginning of this album my attention has been caught. It starts with a nice intro and then Son Of A Blizzard, which is black metal with a refrain that is like in MANILLA ROAD. I mean: the voice is similar to Shelton's one. They put a lot of epic tune into their music and a lot of heavy metal riffs.
The best description I can imagine is close to IMMORTAL albums from At The Heart Of Winter and onwards. Melodic riffs that are not bad or annoying, since they want this epic feeling inside their songs. Two of them, I can easily say that are the best: Son Of The Blizzard and the ultra heavy fucking metal Waste Of Blood with its basic riff coming straight from METAL INQUISITOR!!! The other tunes are not anything special except some moments scattered. For example, the hypnotic riff in The Wisdom Of The Crying Stones (after 3:40) or the heavy thrash stuff in My Blood For Yours (after its third minute). Generally it reminds me the Touch Of Medieval Darkness by DESASTER but it's not at this level.
I will keep the two tracks that I liked a lot plus the nice vocals, cool production and instrument playing. They have also two albums before, if you want to check 'em more, and a tour in Europe is planned from 19th to 27th of October.  

3 Star Rating

Mirrors Hall
Son Of A Blizzard
The Wisdom Of The Crying Stones
Return From The Battle
Choose The Weapon
My Blood For Yours
A Sign In The Sky
Waste Of Blood
Teutonnic - Guitar, Vocals
Dolch - Guitar
Helltrasher - Drums
Blaze - Bass
Record Label: Einheit Produktionen


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