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Trinakrius - Introspectum

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 January 2016, 6:01 PM

Well, Italy seems to be in a moment on their Metal story that all the styles are beginning to have a major expression. As you can see on my reviews about Italian Metal bands, I always say that in the beginning, only BULLDOZER and some Hardcore bands existed there. And then, in the 90's, RHAPSODY OV FIRE appeared and many Symphonic Power Metal bands arose, as well as Black Metal bands as OPERA IX and HANDFUL OF HATE. But since some years, the Italian scene gained a broader spectrum of Metal bands, and good names as the quartet TRINAKRIUS appeared. And "Introspectum", their fourth album, is a testimony of what they can offer to us all.

They're a Heavy/Doom Metal band. Their sound is polite and clear, but slow and bitter, like the ancients from BLACK SABBATH, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and CANDLEMASS. And to be extremely honest, the musical influence of this last one, due the clean sound they prefer to use, with very good and polite arrangements, and their songs do not last more than 7 minutes. To the style, we could say that such durations are short, but enough to them to present their musical work. And it is really very good.

For some newcomers on the style, "Introspectum" can sound too clean, but Doom Metal does not have the feature of being such a dirty style in terms of instrumental tunes. It's clear for we all understand what they do, but heavy enough to terrorize the lives of your neighbors.

The abrasive sound of guitars and very good vocals heard on "I Would Like", the bitter tempos and very good work of rhythmic kitchen on the melodic "Moments", the hooking guitar work on "The Crying Soldier" (good solos, indeed) and on "Living", and the melodic weight of "Facing the Mirror" (with some traditional Heavy Metal moments in the vein of NWOBHM) can be named as their finest moments. But the album is truly good, indeed.

A fine work, and deserves a careful listening.

4 Star Rating

1. I Would Like
2. Moments
3. The Crying Soldier
4. Living
5. Flight of the Eagle
6. Within the Silence
7. Facing the Mirror
Francesco Chiazzese - Vocals
Valerio Frosini - Guitars
Ivan Bologna - Bass
Claudio Florio - Drums
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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