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Trinakrius - Massacro

by Erika Wallberg at 14 April 2010, 8:04 PM

A retrospective of past/present/future…of the band. The slogan sounds very cool I have to admit that. But a retrospective of the future? That doesn’t really fit, does it? It’s just a funny little detail and such issues with the language that isn’t the band’s native tongue are very charming. Sure, that’s exactly what “Massacro” is, a collection of demos, original versions from the past and new recordings of the same, some from a few years back plus one brand new song. A very good idea I think and it’s very nice to hear how a band has developed over the years.

It can be hard to accept Metal sung in other languages than English but for some reason Italians seem to work the second best. TRINAKRIUS’s landsmen LACUNA COIL have done some really successful attempts too and when the music is melancholic the Italian words are like a soft summer breeze over it all. It becomes sensitive, sensual and absolutely beautiful. Even if TRINAKRIUS isn’t really as soft as LACUNA COIL the language is nothing disturbing. It’s actually very nice to hear Metal when another language than English feels both natural and very suitable. The only negative thing about it is that it’s impossible to get into the lyrics since I don’t speak Italian unfortunately. The lyrics are a big part of the music, especially in Metal and good lyrics can certainly increase an impression of an album.

Musically “Massacro” is a pleasant trip through time. From the first, very primitive attempt to what’s closer to Classic Italian Metal rather than the Epic Doom that’s archetypal for the band, for each tune the band goes from clarity to clarity. Don’t dismiss TRINAKRIUS as another sleepy Doom band though because they’re than that. They have really heavy and groovy riffs mixed up with the epic stuff; a very nice mixture I think. “Massacro” is a concept more bands should adapt to and make real. Also it’s a good thing bands make material available again. It’s very nice to hear how a band develops over the first couple of years. No, the oldest demos aren’t perfect, no one expect them to be either but along with the rest of the songs sure they add a lot to the story. And just to be able to compare the difference between then and now is very cool.

Is this something I would buy? Absolutely!

3 Star Rating

  1. Massacro (New Recording 2009)
  2. La Morte Del Mondo (New Recording 2009)
  3. E Vivre Sara’ (New Recording 2009)
  4. Come Stai (New Recording 2009)
  5. Inquisantesimo (Inquisantism Album Psychedoomelic Records Year 2007)
  6. Intrinakrius (Inquisantism Album Psychedoomelic Records Year 2007)
  7. I Diavole Del Re (Inquisantism Album Psychedoomelic Records Year 2007)
  8. L’eretico (Inquisantism Album Psychedoomelic Records Year 2007)
  9. Il Boia (Inquisantism Album Psychedoomelic Records Year 2007)
  10. L’era Del Male (Sancta Inquisitio Album Doom Symphony Year 2005)
  11. La Morte Del Mondo (Intrinakrius Demo Original 1996)
  12. E Vivre Sara’ (Intrinakrius Demo Original 1996)
  13. Potenza Tribale (Intrinakrius Demo Original 1996)
  14. Massacro (Intrinakrius Demo Original 1996)
Flavio Rezza - Vocals
Francesco Chiazesse - Guitar
Flavio Russo - Bass
Claudio Florio - Drums, Harsh Vocals
Record Label: Jolly Rogers Records


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