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Trist - Willenskraft (CD)

by Elina Papadoyianni at 02 April 2009, 6:28 PM

This is the fourth album of the former LUNAR AURORA musician Tristan under the moniker TRIST. The name of the album is Willenskraft, which means willpower…A rather prophetic title if you are determined to listen to the whole album.
There are some things that if you mix together make your stomach turn around with not such pretty results. Like chocolate with fish, ambient Black Metal sounds a bad idea to begin with, but I was willing to give it a spin in case something interesting was to come out. First thing I noticed was that most of the six tracks had a long duration, so I was curious to see how you can fill a 12-minute track that's partly Black Metal, at least according to the promo sheet.
The answer came shortly after. The entire first and last track are the exact thing you'd expect from one of those CDs with nature sounds; the ones people buy to sleep to. 20 minutes in total of wave after wave hitting on the shore. I couldn't help but burst down in laughter every time I skipped the track forward a few seconds out of disbelief for what was going on. The rest of the tracks are not that different either. It's the attack of the Black Metal ambient sea again as it is the dominant sound in the background no matter what's going on. Sometimes it erupts into some Black Metal parts that would possibly be interesting on their own, but wouldn't be enough to fill a 10-minute EP.
The key-word is monotonous. It's like elevator music mixed with nature sounds and some Black Metal thrown in between and some mad German talking about something, followed by a few more minutes of the sea and gunshots. An extremely pointless release.

1 Star Rating

Tristan (aka Aran) - All instruments
Record Label: Cold Dimensions


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