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Tristwood - Black Crowned Majesty

Black Crowned Majesty
by Neil Cook at 13 July 2020, 9:17 PM

Lets get the bio out of the way.  TRISTWOOD are an Extreme, Avant-garde, Experimental Metal band from Austria.  They have been around since 2001 and have a number of full-length albums, mini-albums and a couple of EPs in their discography.

I’m going to apologize in advance to the band and their followers, because I absolutely detested this mixed up sludge posing as an album.

When I first read the song titles I must admit I thought I was in for a decidedly Black/Death Metal cod-occult centric offering, which was going to go one of two ways, either be so totally lightweight it would border on the parody, or be the full on Death experience, of the sort where its obvious these guys believe their own hype, and live in the woods, sacrificing small furry animals to fulfill their Cthulhu fantasies. But these guys are so far beyond the latter, it hurts my brain to try and comprehend. Musically the alarm bells should have started reading them being described as “experimental” and “avant-garde”, but that didn’t even prepare me for what was to come.

And what did follow was an almost impenetrable wall, no wall isn’t big enough, sheer cliff face of noise, which is I suspect the whole point.  If it wasn’t for the fact there were 8 titles on the album, I would have said this was mostly one “song”.  There was nothing musical about most of this.  The vocals, and I use the term loosely were so far beyond being a death grunt or growl.  There may have been words, I’m not too sure.

Oh and apparently there is a Flute in there somewhere!  I can only assume it was fed through an industrial shredder.

Best part of the album? The blessed silence when it finished.

I bet there is an audience for this, beyond the 5 people it took to make it, but I am not part of it.  I’m going to throw some barbed wire and grit into our washer/drier and put it on the fastest spin cycle, it may ease my headache.

Songwriting: 0
Originality: 1
Memorability: 0
Production: 0

0 Star Rating

1. Re-Enthronmet Of The Damned
2. He Who Traversed A Greater Oblivion
3. A Black Crowned Majesty
4. Her Wraith Through Stygonian Lands
5. The Hall Of Rauthra’s Fate
6. Acherontic Deathcult
7. Bone Cathedral
8. Nightshade Eternal
Deimon – Vocals, Synths, Flute
Neru – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Synths
JD – Bass, Fretless Bass Solos
Jegger – Vocals, Guitars
HMG – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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