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Tristwood – Blackcrowned Majesty

Blackcrowned Majesty
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 30 June 2020, 10:54 AM

The dudes form Austria have been together since 2001. They have released 2 EP’s and 5 Albums including this one. Let’s hear what the Industrial Blackened Death Metal 5-piece have got for us.

Re-enthronement of the Damned” opens up the album with a weird mix of Thrash-paced guitars meets ambience electronica or keyboard levels. The vocals are either not high enough on the volume overall or really distorted. The beat is ticking over well, melodies working well to build up, it’s just an odd sound. The song doesn’t progress to far and ends before you can really work out what is going on.

He Who Traversed a Greater Oblivion” starts off heavy as fuck, way better from the instrumental perspective, and also the now more Death Metal-esq vocals. The sound sounds more Death Metal with editing. The melodies have built up well here and are actually progressing the song far better and seeming more controlled, not what I thought I’d be writing whilst I was listening to the opening song. This is a far stronger song to kick off an album, the other could have just been a very experimental intro.

A Blackcrowned Majesty” goes back to the weird electronica style…shit. Think more COMBICHRIST to start off, before the raw vocals tear it apar and the actual instrumentals kick in properly. The issue here is the weird distortion on the vocals, it would make more sense to have either just instrumental or spoken word if any, this one just doesn’t seem to work fully. There is almost too much going on here for it to work out.

Her Wraith Through Stygonian Lands” starts off slow for 30-odd seconds before kicking into gear. Once more the vocals seem to lack power to compete with the instrumental and electronica segments. The pace dies out after 90 seconds and sounds very much like most Industrial songs, with maybe a little less pace. The pace returns but not with the vocals it still clashes. The beat itself is catchy, but it let down by the wrong style of vocals for my money. Plus, it fails to expand to where it potentially could have.

The Hall of Rauthra's Fate” kicks off with a rawer scream and aggressive vocal stance, a good thing to change, back to the Death Metal ideal. The vocals like on “Re-enthronement of the Damned” just don’t seem to be at the same volume as the rest of the elements and for this it ruins the raw aggression that it has built, don’t get me wrong this is the best song of the album so far and almost goes down Slamming Brutal Death Metal areas, but just a bit off. Still, its catchy. The end mellows out a bit more than the rest of the song, but its still better than most of the album because it has the constant beat going through.

Acherontic Deathcult” continues the pace and power from the previous song which is a useful trick to use. The raw aggression still remains solid in this song, good way of using the vocals. The vocals seem to run out of steam for a bit which is not a great change t make. As I was starting to enjoy the song it just becomes a melee of raw vocals that are non-understandable adding a weird editing electronica to the one decent segment, the instrumentals. The mix doesn’t seem to work, its like they are trying to add ambience but its set so far off it just fails.

Bone Cathedral” keeps up the weird non-mixed melodies from before, which needed changing and just aren’t. The pace is good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not doing anything. The vocals mix with Death Metal short outbursts and then a few screams, which oddly work in the favour of the song. The song holds together far better than many before, it seems when they stick to one style it blends in better than when they mix it up. When they do change things like the vocal style, it doesn’t seem to hit the mark very well. One of the better songs on the album, even with its flaws

Nightshade Eternal” is the final song and for that I am grateful. The strange sounds from the vocals to start off aren’t exactly a shock, but I have no idea what they are going for. It seems like from after the 90-second mark it is already fading away to close the album, if that is true that’s a shit way of going out. The vocals are short outbursts once more building up actually not badly with the melodies, even if said melodies seem to be holding back. The lack of progression makes me think it will stay within this pace for the rest of the song. As it enters the final third it all goes quiet, before it flirts with the idea of kicking up the gears. It does increase the pace, but it doesn’t really make the song much better and for that why not end the song 2-minutes earlier?

This band and album will have its own specialist fans, some parts work really well, others don’t. it’s the issue with Industrial adding any other Genres, it clashes more than mixes a lot of the time. Not gonna lie, if this review was written by a fan it would read a lot more differently.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Re-enthronement of the Damned
2. He Who Traversed a Greater Oblivion
3. A Blackcrowned Majesty
4. Her Wraith Through Stygonian Lands
5. The Hall of Rauthra's Fate
6. Acherontic Deathcult
7. Bone Cathedral
8. Nightshade Eternal
Deimon – Vocals, Synth, Flute
HMG – Drums
Jegger – Vocals, Guitars
Neru – Guitars, Vocals (backing), Synth
JD – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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