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Tritton - Face Of Madness

Face Of Madness
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 August 2013, 11:28 AM

Into the imagery of lunacy, mass psychosis, neurosis engulfs the uncertain and will drive them into chaos. What is the true face of madness? What lies within those empty eyes, seeking of a truth that isn’t really there? Hospitalized maybe? Or maybe someone needs a good kick in the behinds in order to start seeing what truly matters? But matters to whom? That is scrutiny for you people, an inner argument that will never cease, time for a fistful of madness, and I was given to handle a young Mexican band, ready to burst with its old school wave of aptitude. Driven by British Metal, mainly NWOBHM and IRON MAIDEN, with jiffs and bits out of the US Bay Area Thrash and Speed Metal symbols, TRITTON commenced their raised for founding their own constructive Metal heirloom. On their own the five members revealed their debut release, “Face Of Madness”, which is actually a continuance, and a reproduction, of an earlier demo that was named similarly.

On its whole, “Face Of Madness”, most of the way at least, sounds like a selection of examples out of Britain right up through the middle era of the 80s. Metal became a little more intense but still consisted of the nostalgic melodic lines of the British wonders. In the case of TRITTON, a few of their melodic patterns insinuated closeness to the golden years of IRON MAIDEN, especially when it comes to the guitaring and a little of the sharp edged passages within the songs. Generally, there were demonstration of some serious musicianship with an old vibe, yet still amplified as fresh. “Flash From The Past”, an instrumental epic, handled with care, well thought, bestows nearly everything that this band wished to offer, swift hook laden guitar licks producing enchanting harmonies partially played with mid tempo tremolo picking, classy solos that almost measured with early 80s manifestations and a catchy arrangement that won’t tire, yet also there is a fine sense of steely speed, going straightforward with power. “Insurrection” is an additional example of solidity, signifying the admiration for MAIDEN, garnering such rich implementations of inflamed energies, warranting a fine tribute to the gods. When desiring to Thrash their way into recognition, TRITTON assumed the direct form of assault with “Wanton War”, a heavy piece fiend, delivering swifts blows of iron and steel. Nonetheless, there is still the NWOBHM standard immersing from bellow.

Largely, TRITTON is a promising band, burning hard on Heavy Metal, once forged by the fires of the British steel, though also entrusting themselves to the brutish attitude of early Thrash and Speed Metal to rally force and additional heaviness to their aid. “Face Of Madness”, frankly, has been too immediate for me, I need more of them to actually divulge another piece of my opinion regarding their efforts. It is a beyond what you would refer to as solid, but still I believe that these guys can do better. For one thing that I can proclaim is that I wasn’t that incredulous by Lorena Cabrera as a vocalist. I agree that she has quite a voice, but for some reason it sounded too thin for what their band mates have been producing. Since their close proximity to IRON MAIDEN, I believe that a voice with depth would have done the trick. On the other hand, who knows, it might eventually work out and I will get the hang of it. As for the band itself, I salute them for their talents on applying both melodic and heavy music, paying a tribute to the classic era of Metal.

3 Star Rating

1. Martyr
2. Wanton War
3. Face of Madness
4. Insurrection
5. Flash of the Blast
6. Asphyxia
7. 33 Degrees North
Yohann Torres - Drums
Enrique Torres - Lead Guitar
José Gómez - Lead Guitar, vocals
Victor Varas - Bass
Lorena Cabrera - Lead Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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