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Triumvir Foul - An Oath Of Blood And Fire Award winner

Triumvir Foul
An Oath Of Blood And Fire
by Paulomaniaco at 02 March 2015, 2:34 PM

TRIUMVIR FOUL is an American Death Metal, two-men band from Portland, Oregon. The exact date of formation is unknown. When comes to Death Metal, for some reason Americans seem to be the best at the business, I am not saying that Europeans and all the rest are bad, not that, but the best Death Metal bands do come from America, and they have an unique sounding and style.

TRIUMVIR FOUL is no different, brutal and grotesque and the stench of death and rotting flesh fills the air. For this first massacre they released only one hundred copies in cassette format with four songs, and one being a cover from a great fucking good Gore Death Metal band from the USA. Of course I am talking about AUTOPSY, a band that I really love ,and actually they do sound a bit like AUTOPSY which by the way is a very good thing indeed.

First track "The Vacuum Of Knots" very low, heavy, and dirty guitars and the vocals are nasty as hell, totally underground approach, good variations of pace, Death Metal at its best with some twisted solos, great stuff and brutal too. "Abhorrent Depths" comes next and the slaughter carries on, I like it a lot how it sounds, rotten and alive, excellent drumming and killer solos. "Silence Continuum" in a macabre ritual where the weak will perish, and this is just a Demo. I am just wondering what these guys will come up with next, a full length album I do hope and write their names on the Death Metal hall of fame, really good stuff indeed, and to end the massacre "Embalmed" by AUTOPSY and if you are one of the lucky ones to hold a cassette copy, well I have to say, you bastard!!! Production is very good and art cover awesome! What else can I say? Really? Fucking rules!!!!

5 Star Rating

1. The Vacuum Of Knots
2. Abhorrent Depths
3. Silence Continuum
4. Embalmed (Autopsy Cover)
Cedentibus - Drums
Ad Infinitum - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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