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Trivium - The Crusade (CD)

The Crusade
by Michael Dalakos at 25 November 2006, 9:17 AM

I read a lot of deal about the new Trivium album. Some said this is the new Master Of Puppets album, others mention this is the album Metallica never released and blah blah. Hey this is a free world and everyone has the right to speak his mind. However after listening the album several times I can't say that it proves the above mentioned claims. Yeah it's a good album but a new Master Of Puppets? Hell No!!!
In my eyes Trivius was (is?) a B Class metalcore act that managed to sign in a huge label. If they had released their albums under the roof of a smaller label people would said Trivium who?. This world is not fair but what can we do about this? Nothing! So The Crusade… nice title indeed. This could easily be the crusade of Trivium to become the best Metallica clone ever existed.
The Crusade is by far their best album. Forget the crappy metalcore works of the past. This is as closest to their mentors they have ever reached. So what's this recipe all about? Take a bottle of Metallica-ish riffs, add a dash of Iron Maiden thoughts on solo parts, never forget to include some modern elements and there you got it: The Crusade. BUT never forget the change of address when it comes to vocals: Matt Heafy drops down metalcore yo yo yo and screams and starts sounding like a bad thrash singer… does this ring any bells? Ding - ding: correct, none other than… Hetfield. I mean the guy sounds so close to the original that can easily be mistaken for Mr. Hetfield.
Do they play thrash? NO. Anyway you look at it this might be familiar to the general guidelines of thrash metal coming from the States but under the smoke and mirrors you get modern metal (again and again). Any good songs? Yeah of course, there are plenty of them in here. The opener Ignition, the Maiden-ish (in terms of breaks) Anthem (We Are The Fire) and the catchy (but I love it) This world Can't Tear Us Apart.
So YES this album is as closest to metal (and as far as possible) from metalcore they can get at the current time period, but the new Master Of Puppets? NO!

3 Star Rating

Entrance Of The Conflagration
Anthem (We Are The Fire)
And Sadness Will Sear
Becoming The Dragon
To The Rats
This World Can't Tear Us Apart
Tread The Floods
Contempt Breeds Contamination
The Rising
The Crusade
Matt Heafy - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Corey Beaulieu - Guitars, Vocals
Travis Smith - Drums
Paolo Gregoletto - Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Roadrunner Records


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