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Trixter - Human Era

Human Era
by MarcusTheRocker at 28 May 2015, 2:40 AM

One of the latest albums I have reviewed was a release from the Frontiers Records label and anyone who knows this label, knows that they release nothing but top quality music so if you get something from Frontiers, you get your moneys worth and ECLIPSE, WORK OF ART, HOUSE LORDS, W.E.T., JSS and HARDLINE are just a few names that spring to mind so will the band in this review be added to bands that I like from a top quality label like Frontiers? Let us find out.

The subject of this review is the latest from American rockers TRIXTER who are back with studio album number four which is entitled “Human Era”. Formed in 1983 in Paramus, New Jersey, this four piece band started out as a live act for the first few years of their career and in that time, despite not releasing any albums, they gained a large following and got to play with names like KIX and SKID ROW. 1990 saw the release of their first album which was a self-titled debut.

After the release of a second album in 1992 and a covers album in 1994, TRIXTER took a 12 year break from 1995-2007 before reforming with the original four members to start recording again but first it was back to their roots as a live act so in 2008 a live album was recorded and released and then in 2012, they signed onto Frontiers Records and released their first album in 20 years was released and now in 2015, album number four is ready for us to listen to and will be unleashed onto us in the first week of June.

“Human Era” is 45 minutes and 11 songs of brand new material from an act who despite going quiet for a long time, still have in their blood to write, perform and record music and this album is proof of that as upon first listens, you get a taster of what this act are capable of when they are in the studio as there is plenty to like about their music.

The new TRIXTER release has a lot going for it being a Frontiers release an all but as usual, that is always a positive thing because as I mentioned before, this label only release top quality music so every time they bring a band onto their label, you know the music they make is going to be good and that is exactly what you get with this album. From start to end, there is a large number of enjoyable songs ranging from catchy and heavy Hard Rock tracks to excellent Melodic Rock songs and everything else in between while using elements of Glam Metal to remind you, the listener that Glam is never dead even though it supposedly went out of fashion back in late 20th century. Some of the songs that remind you of this include: “Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night”, “Not Like All The Rest”, “Every Second Counts”, “Beats Me Up”, “All Night Long” and “Soul of a Lovin’ Man” to name but many enjoyable Rock songs from this American quartet. Production on this is excellent with lots of cleanliness in the melodies meaning that nothing is dull or boring and you get to hear everything this band has to offer and then some including the insane guitar riffs and solos, the melodic keyboard melodies, the pounding beats from the rhythm section that is the drums and bass guitar and of course the vocals which work their butt off to deliver a great performance to accompany the already great music and that is something is pulls off with style and class.

Bottom line, the new TRIXTER album is nothing short of excellent as just like every other release on the excellent Frontiers Records label, there is nothing here that you would hate, get bored of or want to hate even if you spammed the hell out of it with that replay button on your music player of choice as all the songs are enjoyable from start to end which also applies to this album so I would highly recommend picking up this gem for your music collection.

5 Star Rating

1. Rockin’ To The Edge Of The Night
2. Crash The Party
3. Not Like All The Rest
4. For You
5. Every Second Counts
6. Beats Me Up
7. Good Times Now
8. Midnight In Your Eyes
9. All Night Long
10. Soul Of A Lovin’ Man
11. Human Era
Pete Loran - Vocals & Guitar
Steve Brown - Vocals & Guitars
P.J. Farley - Vocals & Bass
Mark "Gus" Scott - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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