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Troglodyte - The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome To The Foodchain

The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome To The Foodchain
by Allen Peters at 06 May 2022, 11:18 AM

TROGLODYTE, is an Independent, Missouri-based band. They are self-described as Neandercore, caveman metal, with a speedy, but sluggish, primitive sound. Their latest and fourth album, “The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome To The Foodchain”, starts out sounding like a quadruple bass to my ear, killing it and being a big foot band it also sort of sounds like a real Sasquatch singing along, I’m intrigued. I didn’t get it at first, but after digging further and investigating, I do. Bigfoot lives!

From the forest comes, “Speed Kills”, with the more human like guest voice of Brent Purgason of GWAR added to the growls than the first song, “What’s Eating You”, it is their latest lyric video on YouTube. A story of hitting a Bigfoot on the highway, with a funny ending involving a station wagon. It cracked me up and I see where they are coming from now, I can appreciate the humor. I can't help but to be more intrigued about this next track though, because of the title,  “Found Guilty In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Shooting A Man Wearing A Big Foot Costume”. It’s a tossup on which is better, the song or the title.

“Sasquatch”, is more of the style I like. Now I’m thinking that it would be a great time to get Sasquatched on Saturday night with this band. Having played with the likes of GWAR, TESTAMENT and Rob Zombie over the years, I’m feeling why now. Again, I love the ending of this song. Lol, is all I will say. “Dyatlov”has an ominous beginning that I'm digging, with some different, but cool guitar parts to follow. This is one of the better songs for me, with the melodic breakdowns. It has to be mentioned here.

“Assault By Cleft Foot Malformation Trampled Under (Big) Foot”, is another fabulous song title, makes me want to type them all and it’s not that bad either, with a nice grind to it, one of their trademark sounds. The music is not really anything a lot different than you have heard before in this genre, but they are lyrically and musically talented artists with their own little gimmick. The music does stand alone from the act and it is not bad for a bunch of hairy animals. Just your average band of Sasquatch’s, these guys are still rocking after all of these years and now I know why. I just have to figure out how  to catch a show in the future, it’s guaranteed that I will be entertained and have fun with this lighthearted, heavy act.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. What’s Eating You
2. Speed Kills
3. Found Guilty In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Shooting A Man Wearing A Big Foot Costume
4. Sasquashed
5. Dyatlov
6. Assault By Cleft Foot Malformation Trampled Under (Big) Foot
7. Thin The Herd
8. Meat Your Maker
Jeff Sisson – Vocals
Jack Riedel – Guitar
Ben Von Schiefelbusch – Bass
Chris Wilson – Drums
Record Label: Blood Blast Distribution


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