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Trollheim's Grott - Aligned With the True Death

Trollheim's Grott
Aligned With the True Death
by Martin Knap at 17 September 2018, 10:57 PM

There has been quite a shift TROLLHEIM’s GROTT musical direction since their second LP. The style of music on this album follows the “orthodox” line of bands like MAYHEM or WATAIN. It is riffy and polished in a way that reminds me of EMPEROR, but also full of vitriol and hate reminiscent of Spellgoth’s main band HORNA. The synths and electronica elements didn’t disappear completely though, synths or samples in some tracks are arranged with great skill and taste as one would expect from musicians that have previously played a more synth and electronica-oriented style of music.

The title song shifts between blasty and groovy parts, the fast part has a cool eerie MGŁA riff in it, there are also some nice EMPEROR-esque riffs. The song has a great bridge with spine chilling guitar droning and the synths in finale of the song add a lot of drama. I really like the energy of the fourth song “Holy Black Song”, it has an impactful chorus that that has a bit of BEHEMOTH energy to it. The bubbly synths and other effects also add a lot to the song. “Twilight” is an instrumental song that shifts between a weird, dissonant chord progressions and a monstrous heavy riff. I really appreciate bands that can write a good instrumental song that adds to an album. This one also shows a more experimental side of the band that I find very appealing. “LXFR” shifts between sinister chord progressions and a evil MAYEHEM groove. It is one of the most unorthodox songs on the album with some tasteful work with samples and synths that really elevate the song. The album with the super aggressive – MARDUK or 1349 level of ferocity – song “Earth’s Last Stand”, that has some really catchy grooves.

This albums is furious and evil as hell. It is orthodox Black Metal at it’s best – the riffs, the songwriting, the musicianship that went into it is impressive. To me this kind of music feels a bit overdone and I inclinate more to the experimental (or just simply trippy or weird) side of the album. I’m blown away by the songs that have more of electronica leaning and impressed by the songs that lean more towards “trve” Black Metal. But if you are a fan of orthodox Black Metal I think you’re in for a treat.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Aligned with the True Death
2. Deathless Form
3. Omega Angel
4. Holy Black Sun
5. Twilight
7. Earth's Last Stand
LRH – drums, guitars
sg.7 – vocals, guitars, electronics
PH – bass
JH – lead guitar

Record Label: World Terror Committe


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