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Trucker Diablo – Tail End of a Hurricane Award winner

Trucker Diablo
Tail End of a Hurricane
by John Foley at 05 May 2021, 4:07 PM

Formed back in 2008 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, hard rockers TRUCKER DIABLO have made one hell of a name for themselves and are seen as legends in the Belfast rock scene and rightly so too. In theory time they have had many big albums and plenty of hit songs such as “Drink Beer, Destroy", “Drive", “Maybe You’re the One", “Party like They Started the End of the World" and “Where Angel’s Fly" (I urge you to watch the video on YouTube for that one and not tear up as it’s really touching and moving). They are back with a brand new album called “Tail End of a Hurricane" which was meant to be released in 2020 but I’m sure by know we all know what happened in the world in that year so it got a new release date of May 7th 2021. It is possibly some of the bands best work and one not to miss.

The first track is “BTKOR” which stands for Big Truck Keep On Rolling and with a title like that the band are showing that they are back and better then ever. The song opens with some monstrous riffing and making their presence known. It has a big chorus to grab your attention, a breakdown that would get a mosh pit started and a guitar solo to melt your face, all this shows what TRUCKER DIABLO are all about. Next up we have “I Am Still Alive". It is less aggressive the previous song but it has a very fun sound that reminded me a little of some early ALTER BRIDGE with a sing along chorus to add.

After that we got the first single from this album with “Rock Kids of the 80’s". This is a fun throw back to the 80’s and a song that really gets you moving as it has the makings for a real radio hit. It is such a fun rocking song. “Don’t Hold on to Hate" opens with this killer riff and a has a great lead line to help build the song up. A big chorus then follows with the vocals and lead guitar lines being used to help the song portray its positive message. The bass leads the middle section as a guitar solo comes over it. It is just a really great song.

“Set the Night on Fire" is another fun party song about having a good time. The band goes with a good pace on this with its sing along chorus. The vocals really shine here as the song is completed with a dirty sounding guitar solo and then switches to something very melodic afterwards. We then come to the title track which is “Tail End of a Hurricane” with its blues rock attack right from the start. It has a very emotional sounding chorus and the guitar work here is brilliant as the riffing is just killer. It just really looks you in.

“Insects" is a bit of a stand out track here as it has a very punk vibe mixed with a bit of hard rock/metal. The vocal execution here reminds me a little of JAMES HETFIELD of METALLICA. With the lyrics they are tackling modern social issues which all make this a bit of a different song then what they are known for. “The Edge of Tonight" is a slow song with a slight heavy guitar twist at times. The intro to this one reminded a little of the late GARY MOORE as it is similar to his guitar playing style. It has a great chorus that really comes from the heart and is just a brilliant song all round. The guitar solo here really lifts the song to another level.

Right from the intro “The Trade" has a bit of a country rock vibe to it. A big riff takes over after the first chorus as the song picks up the pace and the guitar solo hits where it needs to. After that one we have “The Burning Heat" which opens with a great twin guitar attack. Throughout we have some great riffing during the verses and sing along choruses as the song feels like it could be something really big. Everything here just works brilliantly as TOM HARTE just shreads the shit out of his guitar for the solo.

“Woodstock to Vietnam" is a really fun rock n roll song with an anthem style chorus to it. With this one you can really hear that the singing is coming from the heart and even a guitar solo to keep that emotion going. After that one we come to the track “Slow Dance". It opens with a riff that hits you right in the face. The chorus really gets you moving and the lead guitar lines really stand out here.

We come to the final song here and you know the band are going to go out with a bang. “Bury the Ocean" is the albums closing song and opens with a big riff that sounds like it belongs to the NWOBHM era. A clean melody seeps in for the verses as the song then builds into a big chorus that you can raise your fist in the air and bang your head to. The guitar solo just comes along and rips through as the outer then lifts the song to an epic sound scape.

“Tail End of a Hurricane “ really is TRUCKER DIABLO  at their very best. This album is filled with monstrous sized riffs, big sing along choruses and it must also be noted that TOM HARTE really knows how to nail an epic guitar solo. This album is filled with fun hard rocking songs with a lot of heart and soul and feeling to them as this band never disappoints. As song writers TRUCKER DIABLO really knows how to strike an emotional chord with the listener as there is not a single bad song here, they are all brilliant. This album is a must have and if you don’t knownthe band then you should.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Musicianship: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

2. I Am Still Alive
3. Rock Kids of the 80's
4. Don’t Hold on to Hate
5. Set the Night on Fire
6. Tail End of a Hurricane
7. Insects
8. The Edge of Tonight
9. The Trade
10. This Burning Heart
11. Woodstock to Vietnam
12. Slow Dance
13. Bury the Ocean
Tom Harte – Vocals and Lead Guitar
Simon Haddock – Rhythm Guitar
Terry Crawford – Drums
Jim McGurk – Bass
Record Label: Bad Reputation


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