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True Black Dawn - Come the Colorless Dawn

True Black Dawn
Come the Colorless Dawn
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 01 October 2016, 1:34 AM

If you like straight ahead no frills Scandinavian Black Metal, then TRUE BLACK DAWN will satisfy your carnal, satanic needs.  However, if you are looking for a more progressive approach to Black Metal or something that thinks outside the box (like bands such as later day EMPEROR, BORKNAGAR, and ENSLAVED), then this will probably put you to sleep in about five seconds. I don't want to sound like I'm straight up trashing the album or band–I'm not.  People don't make this type of music to become superstars; they do it out of the darkness within their hearts and their love for the scene.   They are clearly talented and obviously know how to represent their genre.  However, that is part of the problem: lo-fi black metal is only lo-fi black metal if it’s played a certain way.

I want to talk about the production first.  Simply put, it is rough around the edges.  Depending upon how you feel about your Black Metal, this may be a good or bad thing.  Purists will say terrible production is part of the appeal of this sound, and I can see that.  I can also see wanting to have a good experience for the ears so you can appreciate the sound in the first place.  Rather than say it’s good or bad, I'll describe to you and let you decide how it suits your needs. The guitars are loud and in your face which is never a complaint. However, they sometimes get muddled together that the loudness turns it into a wall of sound, as evident in “Into The Tomb of Her Mirror.”  In their faster moments, the guitars are not very distinguished but instead sound like a wall of static. You could hang Jesus' corpse on that wall so I guess that's a plus.

The cymbals are way too loud, often times drowning out the entire band when he gets really going as fast as possible.  The vocalist has a really good Black Metal shriek, especially when doing the higher pitched screams but often times they are not loud enough and get buried in the mix.  However, when your ear finds that sweet spot and centers on his vocals, you will find them just far away enough in the sound to be the right touch of depressed etherealness mixed with brutal assault.   If you like bass, you might as well use the album for a coaster because you can't hear anything.  The bassist is either playing the exact same notes as the guitar or just not playing at all. However, there is a lot to like here.  The drums are a mile a minute and propel the songs perpetually forward.  You're not going to find any clean vocals or folk passages here but instead blistering songs that scream into your head.   Although its nothing you haven't heard before, the guitars have solid, fast rifting.  The aforementioned vocalist screams, shrieks, and growls satanic venom into the mike as if he sold his soul to the devil.  Oh wait, he probably did.  The band is at its best when there aren't any vocals and they add a hint of melody to their barrage, such as the guitar solo on the title track “Come the Colorless Dawn.”

“Cinereous” is a pretty good track; it starts off with ominous atmospheric tone before it explodes into something that is heavy but also has some melody.  The last minute of the song is a highlight when they slow things down for a bit and you almost get a groove to the rhythm. So on left hand (get it?), the song writing is just what you would want in a pure, true, Black Metal band.  But, unfortunately, it also bogs the album down from stepping beyond the curve.  Every song essentially sounds the same; it doesn't really matter what song you want to listen to, just stick the album in and press random and you'll be having a good time.  As solid as the band is, it just isn't anything that you haven't heard before.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Come the Colorless Dawn
3. The Light Goes Out
4. Cinereous
5. The Ring-Pass-Not
6. Downwards the Serpent Spiral
7. Strange Shaded Sky
8. The Sectile Shadow
9. Eyes of the Cadaver
10. Into the Tomb of Her Mirror
11. Outro
Wrath – Vocals
Syphon – Guitar
TG – Guitar
Cult – Bass
VnoM - Drums
Record Label: World Terror Committee


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Edited 08 December 2022

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