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Trumbiten – Emotions

by Santiago Puyol at 28 June 2021, 7:04 PM

TRUMBITEN is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal father-son duo, coming from northern Sweden. The band formed in 2018 and made their official debut in Youtube on 2019. "Emotions" is their first EP with original songs, lyrics by drummer Tommy Arngren. The three-track, 13-minute long EP presents a knack for richly melodic and slightly melodramatic Heavy Metal, with a strong Classic Rock and Hair Metal influence.

"Beast Of Fire" opens the EP in almost symphonic fashion. Gorgeous vocals by an anonymous female vocalist drive the song forward, powerful and commanding. The lead guitar melodic work is certainly theatrical and dramatic. Guitarist Frederik Jensen emphasizes melody on his shredding. As an opener it does a good job of presenting the band, even if it is a bit repetitive at almost 5 minutes in length.

"Sleepwalk" comes next, a powerful Hard Rock track with clear single potential. Its driving rhythm and catchy riffing makes it perfect for radio play, and it even has a bit of an almost Gothic feel underneath the surface, a sick tinge of darkness. A strong yet pretty straightforward track.

Closer "In Pain" makes the most of Leanne "LeeLoo" Greenman theatrical vocal lines. The use of mixed vocals works perfectly in the chorus, LeeLoo’s almost fry screams adding some noise and grittiness to the impeccably polished production. The band flexes their muscles with some playful instrumentation on the bridge of the song. It works as a great closer even if it leaves you wanting a lot more. "In Pain" is, undeniably, the strongest song of the EP.

Overall, "Emotions" is a solid EP that shows the clear talents of TRUMBITEN, being a more than adequate presentation card. The band shines a little more when the songwriting gets a bit more adventurous rather than following a more predictable script. These guys have the chops to pull off somewhat complex songwriting, so playing it safe on the first two tracks of the EP feels a bit like underplaying to their actual capabilities.

All guests on the EP do an amazing job, and TRUMBITEN would be intelligent to keep on working with them, especially guitarist João Miguel and vocalist LeeLoo. The mixing is quite clear and there is an overall production sheen that serves the music, although my main complaint is that the bass is quite inaudible. Give Adam a presence so clearly deserved! Let’s hope we can enjoy a full-length release sometime in the future.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Beast Of Fire
2. Sleepwalk
3. In Pain
Tommy Arngren – Drums
Adam – Bass
Frederik Jensen – Guest guitars in "Beast Of Fire"
Anonymous – Guest vocals in "Beast Of Fire"
João Miguel – Guest guitars in "Sleepwalk" and "In Pain"
June – Guest vocals in "Sleepwalk"
Leanne "LeeLoo" Greenman – Guest vocals in "In Pain"
Record Label: Independent


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