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Truth Corroded – Worship The Bled

Truth Corroded
Worship The Bled
by Phillip Lawless at 26 April 2012, 8:25 PM

Unfamiliar band, but a very familiar drummer. Behind the kit is none other than Kevin Talley, who many may recognize from his drumming stints with just about every Metal band that has ever existed. Okay, okay, I’ll name a few…SIX FEET UNDER, DYING FETUS, MISERY INDEX, CHIMAIRA and DAATH. Talley was brought in as a session drummer for the recording of “Worship the Bled”, so the drumming here is something a listener won’t have to worry about.

TRUTH CORRODED has a Death-Heavy Metalcore sound with some added Thrash flair. Lots of chunky guitar riffs, insane drumming and thick, yet non-annoying, growled vocals. Altogether, the album is 10 tight, solid tracks that never venture too far from their punishing path. “Knives of the Betrayed” is a frantic opener with multiple riffs and a sprawling scope, and “Hunt All Heroes” doesn’t let up either. It is a nasty twister of a song built on Talley’s unrelenting drumming.

“Pride of Demise” is a taught song that pushes and pummels. While the verses are busy, the breakdown chorus slows and gives the guitars a little room to breathe. And, the full on “MOSH!” part during the final minute of the song cries out for busted lips and broken bones. “The Great Waste of Flesh” starts off with a tad more grandiosity. There is an opening keyboard intro; then the stiff, steady tempo and burly riff make this track a bit of a slow burn … it tickles the nerves a good way.

“Remnants” is a twisting track packed with a pile of raucous riffing. While it opens with a SLAYER-esque spooky guitar line, the short second part is manly and chunky. The main verse of the song is a moshable bounce riff, and the chorus is a builder. All the while, Talley is a complete beast on the drums. Nice track. “Dragged Beneath” is par for the course with the violence and crushing, but what really catches the attention here is the violin solo … yes, the violin solo. While the first two and a half minutes of the song are all brutality, the final two minutes feature a violin solo over the crash/bang of riffs and drums. Still, the band is kind enough to throw in an occasional scream so you know that the iPod hasn’t skipped to a Mozart track.

While “Tearing Out the Eyes of Your God” is three minutes and 33 seconds of complete crush and kill, closer “Summon Abyss”, at almost eight minutes, is a living, breathing monstrosity. Moody guitar intro moves into Nu-Thrash riffage into burning guitar solo into instrumental crushing.

I have to admit, this is an enjoyable album. The big question I’m left with is, who will be able to replicate Talley’s drum performance live? His sturdy and steady drumming is a big part of why I liked this album. While “Worship the Bled” doesn’t really offer any earth-shattering innovation, TRUTH CORRODED throw in just enough experimentation to keep this from being a typical Metalcore / Death affair. For that, I applaud them.

3 Star Rating

1. Knives of the Betrayed
2. Hunt All Heroes
3. Pride of Demise
4. Leave Nothing Alive
5. The Great Waste of Flesh
6. Scavengers
7. Remnants
8. Dragged Beneath
9. Tear Out the Eyes of Your God
10. Summon Abyss
Jason North – Vocals
Darren McLennan – Guitar
Mark Lennard – Guitar
Greg Shaw – Bass
Kevin Talley – Drums
Record Label: Ultimhate Records


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