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Tryptamin - Monday Hangover Award winner

Monday Hangover
by Jeff Legg at 05 May 2014, 10:13 AM

Most reviews set out to appeal to a specific genre or audience, but with the full-length, debut album (two previously released EP’s) from TRYPTAMIN, titled “Monday Hangover”, I found myself calling on several different styles of listeners. Appealing to fans of Indie, Alternative, Electronic, Hard Rock, New Wave, and / or Pop Rock, these guys are a rare find in the music industry today. If you are a fan of the “cherry-picking” style of buying music that has taken over the world, you could miss out on a gem. Downloading one song and judging this release based on what you’ve heard on that single track would be doing you and these guys a huge injustice and wouldn’t give you any idea what this band or this album is about. “Monday Hangover” takes you on a musical rollercoaster ride and there’s not a bad song on the album. There is something for everyone.

Even though you are reading this review on Metal Temple, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you read here is “bang your head against the wall” heavy. This should appeal to Metalheads like a soothing rush of cool air to your sweating brow after retreating from a mosh pit. I found “Monday Hangover” as relevant today as ALICE IN CHAINS“Jar Of Flies” was to the ever changing Grunge era.

This album starts out like something you would expect to hear from a new RUSH album and masterfully evolves into an atmospheric mixture of PINK FLOYD and SOUNDGARDEN. There are moments that sound like COUNTING CROWS and moments that sound like FOO FIGHTERS. Somewhat haunting, but ever so soothing, this is track after track genius songwriting and an album that you will find yourself listening to over and over trying to figure out why you like it so much. I could see several of these songs fitting well into a movie soundtrack and all are very radio friendly. The production is outstanding and rivals that of the top budgeted acts in music today. This is definitely not Heavy Metal but it has its heavy moments. I absolutely loved this album from the first note to the last.

Hailing from Piacenza, Italy, TRYPTAMIN was formed in 2008 by vocalist and keyboard player Pietro Beltrami. Beltrami started collaborations with longtime friends, Michael Fortunati (guitar) and Daniele Brolli (bass) and later added Bruno Cabrini (drums) and Marcello Lega (guitar) to the fold. Federico Merli (KUBARK) replaced Cabrini on drums in 2012 and the band entered the studio to record this phenomenal album. On September 6th 2013, “Monday Hangover” was released.

4 Star Rating

1. The Hole
2. Girl Shaped Shell
3. Driver
4. Mail Received at 4 am
5. Viral
6. The Day We Met on the Staircase
7. Water on the Sun
8. Armchair
9. Ten Years in One Day
Pietro Beltrami – Vocals, Keys, Piano, Beats
Marcello Lega – Guitar
Michael Fortunati – Guitar, Vocals
Daniele Brolli – Bass
Federico Merli – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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