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Tsar Bomba - Silent Queen Award winner

Tsar Bomba
Silent Queen
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 25 April 2013, 1:56 PM

Stoner from France, yes you are reading it right, don’t shake you screen or reboot your computer this is not an error and I thought that France do only Brutal Death Metal so I was mistaken.

The band name is really cool and I will save you the Wikipedia search. TSAR BOMBA is the nickname for the AN602 hydrogen bomb, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. Its October 30, 1961 test remains the most powerful artificial explosion in human history; hopefully the band sound will also be strong like the Tsar Bomba bomb.

The album starts with “Jesus Fuckin' Christ” harboring an amazing riffing and guitar sound very similar to the old and unbeaten KYUSS. Don’t be mistaken TSAR BOMBA aren’t KYUSS however it’s something that will probably hang on to them in the future. The nicest thing about the “Jesus Fuckin' Christ” is that in the middle of the song the riff changes to Black Metal style punch, yes IMMORTAL in Stoner.

“Enter The Void” continues the classic guitar sound with same very fine drum work, I can also say that I really liked the lead singer's vocals, it’s in between clear to rough, integrated very nice with the riffing, in addition in “Enter The Void” the band continue to venture to other Metal realms and not staying only in the Stoner sound pattern.

Possibly a must classic Stoner number is “Flooded”, with strictly Stoner sound made good. The best song in my account is the title track, “Silent Queen”. It is a very nice Doom / Sludge effort incorporating a nice riffing and great work by Cédric Marcel on the vocals showing some range of abilities.

“Why Do You Live Here Yet?” goes into my honorable mention with monster magnet  intro taken from the LSD world changing into very nice stoner riffing and great vocals yet again.

I  was very surprised from this band , starting with Cédric Marcel on the vocals with very nice sound using all is range an abilities. Sometime you might hear KYUSS and erstwhile you might even recall some classic ALICE IN CHAINS with the astonishing late Layne Staley, continuing with nice guitar work and great drums.

TSAR BOMBA aren’t a classic Stoner act, they add some other Metal subgenres into the mix however, I think that it’s only helping the album to be an amazing album. Cheers guys, continue the hard work.

4 Star Rating

1. Jesus Fuckin' Christ
2. Enter The Void
3. Flooded
4. Silent Queen
5. The Devil's Been Busy
6. Why Do You Live Here Yet?
7. Who Am I
8. Black Flag
Cédric Marcel - Vocals
Fabien Fok - Guitar
Wojtek Nowak - Bass
Jérôme Farion - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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