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Tslorsasz - Lime / Meat

Lime / Meat
by Keith "Zirra" Ham at 13 February 2014, 6:59 PM

I’m not against the wild antics of most hardcore/post-hardcore music. The wild screaming and general confusion sort of actually works in most cases - showing that the genre that doesn’t quite give a crap really doesn’t. Its edgy, wild and I suppose sort of free in some regards. However, sometimes there are missteps and sometimes there is… experimentation. In the case of Torontonian act TSLORSASZ, you aren’t really getting Hardcore parse but you are getting something very akin to it, mixed with several other genres. What it comes out to be is something wholly unique and, at times, nearly indescribable.

Now, TSLORSASZ isn’t by any means bad, not at all. But it takes some wild strides with its experimental nature - not only with the completely unintelligible name (though I’m told it stands for “THE SUSTAINED LOW 'C' OF RICHARD STRAUSS” "ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA"). Hardcore elements persist and dominate but underneath that is a strange kindness, even though I’m sure the band wasn’t aiming for that. The main culprit for this is “Lime”, which I can’t even begin to describe. The entire track is some strange hybrid that I could only describe as blackened hardcore - Including the fleaty up-tempo guitars akin to minimalist Black Metal bands like the great old ones but also the definitive hardcore style of vocals and even an extremely well-done solo about two thirds through the track. The second track, “Meat”, takes on a more sorrowful and sludgy approach - almost reminding me of something that the amazing Japanese Metal act DIR EN GREY would aspire to accomplish, especially when it comes to the musical structure. I’d have to say, as well, that “Meat” is a far superior track when compared to “Lime”. Whereas “Lime” takes some strange turns right from the beginning, ‘Meat’ shows more of TSLORSASZ’s range in almost every aspect.

Coming almost out of nowhere, I never expected much from this oddly titled EP. However, in the end I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised. The persistent oddness of “Lime” and strong sludgy quality of “Meat” really come together well.  I suggest that if you are looking to expand your collection of Hardcore , Black Metal, or even Sludge or Doom - you start here. TSLORSASZ really stands out and certainly does not disappoint - even if you never really had any expectations at all.

4 Star Rating

1. Lime
2. Meat
James M. - Vocals
Joel - Guitars
John - Bass
Spencer – Drums
Record Label: Hypaethral Records


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