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Tsubo - Con Cognizione Di Causa Award winner

Con Cognizione Di Causa
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 14 February 2013, 11:43 AM

These are the times when I wish I had learn Italian, these are the times when I think to myself: “where is my aggressiveness, where the years have gone without my inner violence…” and the a group like TSUBO comes out from the shell, and my other one starts to rise, wanting to destroy everything in the path (Sorry I really suck with the metaphors).

TSUBO is a band not known, at least in the part of the world where I live, but I am really sure, that to the kind of people that live here, this will be a very good blow, total respect for the old school of Metal, mixed with some Punk influences, along with the short duration of the songs, but the massive brutality implicit in them, very good guitars, a voice that shows what it wants, fast and easily changing drums, and the bass, that is the one with the “melody” here, taking the songs to different levels.

20 songs, that only resume 35 minutes, but in all this time you could find something that probably you do not know you have, that inner beast trying to take out the world in his own hands, 20 songs that carry away all the melancholy turning it into apathy… and then I only remember: I wish I had learn Italian.

4 Star Rating

1. Matricidio
2. Cicatrici
3. Vermi
4. L'Odio
5. Nel Bene nel Male
6. Come Pensi Così Sarai
7. A-Narcogrind
8. Non Trovo Pace (Sessossessione)
9. Terapia d'Urto
10. Reminiscenza
11. Fellatiocrazia
12. La Quiete e la Tempesta
13. Salt Mine (Assuck cover)
14. TV (Tara Volontà)
15. Un Nuovo Taglio
16. Avvezzamento Ciclico
17. Storm of Stress (Terrorizer cover)
18. Furia Procace
19. Riflessi d'Evidenza
20. Colto da Disperazione
Manuel Federici - Bass
Giorgio "Giorgioni" Cifuni - Guitars, Vocals
Gabriele "Fasano" Giordani - Guitars
Aristodemo "ThrashDemo" De Cesaris - Drums
Record Label: Eclectic Productions


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