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Tuatha De Danann - The Tribe of Witching Souls

Tuatha De Danann
The Tribe of Witching Souls
by Chris Hawkins at 09 December 2020, 6:31 PM

Disclaimer:  Folk Metal is a style completely out of my comfort zone; therefore, I’m not sure how this fell through the cracks to land on my desk.  Nonetheless, I will fairly judge the merit of the music contained within to the best of my ability.  TUATHA DE DANANN is a band with a long history as they released their demo, “The Last Pendragon,” way back in 1996.  That extensive experience reveals itself early in the action on this album.

The title track gently allows the band’s sound to creep in and introduce itself.  While the approach is obviously not my cup of tea, it is a solidly written track altogether and the myriad instrumentation really allows for a party vibe to reign supreme.  “Turn,” the second track, is a much more ambitious song with hints of Prog-isms making their appearance throughout.  That careful blend of Folk instrumentation within a metallic framework allows the band’s melodic ideas to soar amid the familiar thunder of the bass drum and the resonating, amplified guitar.

What is abundantly clear from listening to the album is that the production is top notch.  The professional sound gives the music an authentic, modern Metal apparatus within which to work.  The results are prodigious indeed with a flurry of Irish flute, viola, banjo, whistle, and bouzouki complimenting the wealth of ideas.

Another track of note is the fourth, “Your Wall Shall Fall”.  There is an apparent Power Metal fury running within calling for fists to pump with metallic rage.  With such a polished sound, it is easy to imagine the band as a top-tiered act within their genre despite personal preferences.

Regardless of said stance, it is hard not to appreciate the spirit and energy apparent here.  While this is far from my comfort zone, it is an extremely well-done album.  Hopefully, the word can reach the appropriate people about this highly ambitious slab of Prog-tinged Folk Metal for I can imagine mead-drinking, celebratory legions of fans anxiously awaiting the extremely polished results contained on this latest album from TUATHA DE DANANN.

Songwriting:  7
Originality:  7
Memorability:  6
Production:  7


3 Star Rating

1. The Tribe of Witching Souls
2. Turn
3. Warrior Queen
4. Your Wall Shall Fall
5. Conjura
6. Outcry
7. Tan Pinga ra Tan
Bruno Maia – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Bouzouki, Whistle, Viola, Irish Flute
Giovani Gomes – Bass, Vocals
Edgard Brito – Keyboards
Record Label: Trollzorn


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