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Tulsadoom - Storms Of The Netherworld

Storms Of The Netherworld
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 08 September 2015, 8:29 PM

Sometimes, when Big Daddy here thinks about the past, the memories from old fantasy films and comics, especially from Conan, the barbarian and Kull, the conqueror. And it's truly surprising for me to see those fantasy comics becoming a strong influence into Heavy Metal nowadays, but a good and tender surprise. And of course the name of evil sorcerer Thulsa Doom I can remember clearly from Kull's tales, and from first Conan adaptation for film (1982's "Conan, The Barbarian"). And now, TULSADOOM is a name from a fine quintet from Austria that comes with their second work, the album "Storms Of The Netherworld".

You can find many styles mixed into their musical work. Some traditional Heavy Metal from NWOBHM mixed with an old school Thrash Metal embodiment, some nasty and filthy Rock-n-Roll touches in the vein of MOTORHEAD, and many more. So in the middle of all these influences that burn into a cauldron, you find a music that is alive, pulsing with a raw energy, and not copying anyone. Yes, their music is extremely personal, so it has a great value.

Their musical production is very good. Yes, you can understand clearly what the band is playing due this factor; but as well, it is heavy and gave that boost on weight that every Metallian loves. But it really could be better in some tunes, but does not turn their musical work less tasteful. Their songs are very, very good indeed. But they have some that are their best moments, as the thundering "Storms Of The Netherworld" (here that MOTORHEAD influence is clear on the guitars. It's not as fast as many can think, with very tempos. And the song is fascinating due the very good guitar riffs), the fast and harsh "Skulls", "Riders Of Doom", with its very good tempo changes, and a fine work done on bass and drums, the hooking "Shadows Over Lemuria" (good vocals, and the song has some more evident melodies), and the free of arrogant pretensions called "The Coal Of Blue Fire".

A very good band, indeed, and will be better in a near future.

4 Star Rating

1. Storms Of The Netherworld
2. Skulls
3. Nightwind
4. Riders Of Doom
5. Shadows Over Lemuria
6. Tyrantfall
7. Stormride
8. Dustlands
9. The Coal Of Blue Fire
10. Subraion Xan
11. Final Cataclysm
King Totolva - Vocals
Virgin Penetrator - Guitars
Skullcrusher Volkov - Guitars
Rick Thunder - Bass
Doktharr Radiovodnik - Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Nihilistic Empire Records


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