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Tulus - Fandens Kull

Fandens Kull
by Craig Rider at 01 March 2023, 10:35 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TULUS; signed via Soulseller Records, hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing Black Metal, on their 6th full-length studio album entitled: “Fandens Kull” (released February 17th, 2023). Since formation in 1991; the trio in question have 3 demos entitled: “Demo I” (released 1993), “Samlerens Kammer” (released 1994), “Midtvintermåne” (released 1995), a compilation entitled: “Cold Core Collection” (released November 2000), and 7 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: “Pure Black Energy” (released 1996), “Mysterion” (released 1998), “Evil 1999” (released December 7th, 1999), “Biography Obscene” (released May 1st, 2007), “Olg og bitter” (released March 30th, 2012), “Old Old Death” (released March 6th, 2020) & this here 6th full-length studio record entitled: “Fandens Kull” of which I am introduced to in their discography so far. 10 tracks ranging around 31:10; TULUS arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with this riff-laden chop; the titular track belts a clobbering foundation in boisterously bouncy rampancy, thudding with rompy hooks and snarly scourers of symbolic retribution - “Fandens Kull” ramifies with this sturdy trepidation of sulfurous rhythm amongst an amplified slab of solid seamlessness. Nothing but gnarly distortion attributes at a distilled harmony in barraged forges of razor-sharp snares that shriek with pandemonic tightness; whilst rollicking with punchy melody and concretely gritty mayhem of blackened adrenaline, flamboyantly contrasted with wildly rushing rifts of synergetic stability that’s most rabid. “Lek” showcases some relentless rawness on savagely sinister substance & organic perseverance, surging maniacally with diabolical execution. Unearthing this ritualistic manifold of some striking pursuits of crunchy finesse that’s most malignant, implementing a groovy element whilst utilizing versatile vehemency for good transition.

Slagmark” demonstrates dense impact in dark agility; complexly crafting a dynamical dexterity within Blodstrup’s bleeding cords and ruthless maelstrom prowess of riveting guitar frolicking chaos that’s monolithic whilst salubriously volatile all around, his vocals stem with raspy throatiness & shouty yells that bark intensely… as fierce firepower expertise injects an infectious bass audibility also from Crowbel himself. Merging profane songwriting musicianship with bludgeoning but blistering immensity on thumpy revolts of evil empowering bestiality, brutal conversion chugs a galloping viscerality on stampeding rampages of rambunctious calamity and piledriving wrath from hammering drummer Sarke. Whilst “Allstøtt” distributes an exhilarating contortion in hybrid force of strumming experimentation, fabricating a killer slab of solid stompiness & virulent but blasphemy-driven thrills that will make you want to worship all demonic archetype - or well… at the very least, have you unleash a devilish altruism in breaking chairs over other chairs for good sport.

Isråk” archaically enforces more varied diversity in which revolves with unique ethereality for intriguing embrace; still maintaining those towering but all guns blazing crescendos and a firing all cylinder approach of tremolo raising grandeur, an infernally abominable abhorrence in deadly but deathly instrumental calamity grips a profusely robust structure on rapidly swift nimbleness & repugnant drills in berserking but bulldozing raze that’s splendidly lofty. “Samuelsbrenna” introduces an acoustic strife until more strident vivaciousness that rumbles with reverberating maliciousness on ominous yet jarring bombardments in barbaric enthrallment which portrays more sacrilege mixed torment that’s just a brisk but gloomy listen, whilst the majestic but headed grinds of slaying rips within “Sjelesmerte” shreds with mythical persistence which assimilates an uproarious shroud of pummeled pounds, that trembles with tenoring but groundbreaking brisk fullness and borderline blitzkrieg of thrash tempo momentum while soaring with rigorous vigor of the utmost significance, making this record so far a nice little gem.

Bloddråpesvermer” has a flexible fundamental on prodigious energy; as does the penultimate banger “Snømyrkre”, where both compile a monstrously meaty shrine on speedy catchiness… intertwining a systematic symbiosis on motivating chimes and cadaverous prestigiousness that supplies a ghastly but baleful listen which makes for an oppressively malevolent yet meticulous slice of this subgenre at hand in which makes for an interesting paradigm of this justifiable discovery for sure. Overall concluding “Fandens Kull” with the finale epic: “Barfrost” as another elegantly exquisite acoustic closes the record with this cryptic end that made me marvel towards the sublime but hostile and tenaciously wicked sounds TULUS offered here. Bottom line; I enjoyed an entertaining experience in Black Metal mastery that’s worthy of spinning & re-playing a good bunch of times should you fancy a fix of this venomous subgenre - do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fandens Kall
2. Lek
3. Slagmark
4. Allstøtt
5. Isråk
6. Samuelsbrenna
7. Sjelesmerte
8. Bloddråpesvermer
9. Snømyrkre
10. Barfrost
Sarke - Drums
Blodstrup - Vocals/Guitar
Crowbel - Bass
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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