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Tuna de Tierra - Tuna de Tierra

Tuna de Tierra
Tuna de Tierra
by Karen Simons at 25 September 2017, 1:47 AM

Psychedelic Rock trio TUNA DE TIERRA are back with their self-titled album; their second release since their conception in 2013, and subsequent EP “EPisode I: Pilot” in June 2015. Inspired by the sound of bands such as PALM DESERT, Alessio de Cicca recruited his longtime friend Luciano Mirra and they began songwriting together. De Cicca was passionate about creating a project which would hearken back to the very roots of this niche genre so the pair, eager to begin recording music, hired Jonathan Maurano; thus, TUNA DE TIERRA was born.

The band then set about the task of recording their EP in their home city of Naples, Italy. After releasing said EP, TUNA DE TIERRA then signed with Argonauta Records, before starting work on their first full length album which is what I have the pleasure of reviewing today. The trio's unique brand of music is reminiscent of the Stoner Rock movement of the 60s and 70s. Whilst this is not normally to my tastes, I devoured this album with an open mind and I was not disappointed! The thing which surprised me most was how authentic their sound is. As I listened to each track, I felt myself slowly drifting back to the simpler times of yesteryear. I somehow traversed the veil between the intervening generations and, closing my eyes, I was transported to another time and place.

My favourite track, “Mountain”, harbours an eerie and depressing feel which could almost be likened to an acoustic form of Doom Metal. Other noteworthy tracks are “Out of Time”, which is comparable to old school Country music; “Morning Demon” has a very chilled, laid-back feel. I also enjoyed the instrumental track “Slow Burn”, which possessed more of an up-tempo vibe, focussing more on the drums and guitars than the rest of the songs. The album in it's entirety is very much what I'd categorize as the perfect soundtrack for lazy Sunday afternoons. This observation neatly brings me to another song which is deserving of a mention, “Long Sabbath Day”, which is ideal for the above scenario!

My only real criticism is that the songs are frustratingly short for my liking with none being more than around three minutes in length. The album as a whole would also have benefitted from more distinctive tempo changes, but again, that's a personal preference rather than a genuine issue. As far as I can tell, only “Raise of the Lights” (on which the bass enjoys a well-deserved time in the spotlight) and the aforementioned “Out of Time” really delivers on the latter aspect. Aside from that, I actually enjoyed this record a lot more than I expected to. The relaxing, strung-out melodies gently propelled me on a solitary journey. They also evoked images of great mountains, flowing rivers, sun-spangled forest trails and a fleeting vision of a hippy festival at Glastonbury!

If you are seeking an earthy, raw and chilled vibe (no drugs necessary!) to accompany a moment of peace and tranquility, look no further than TUNA DE TIERRA!

Songwriting: 5/10
Originality: 8/10
Memorability: 7/10
Production: 8/10

3 Star Rating

1. Laguna
2. Mountain
3. Raise of the Lights
4. Long Sabbath's Day
5. Out of Time
6. Morning Demon
7. Slow Burn 
Alessio de Cicca – Vocals and Guitar
Luciano Mirra - Bass
Jonathan Maurano - Drums
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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