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Tunga Moln - Tunga Moln III

Tunga Moln
Tunga Moln III
by Craig Rider at 10 November 2017, 1:01 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: TUNGA MOLN; signed via Hevisike Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Rock, on their 3rd album entitled: “III” (released 11th August, 2017).

TUNGA MOLN arrange a constructive Rock development with their new album entitled “III”, the quintet in question amalgamate a hard-hitting Rock 'n' Roll balance while fusing it with a Doom Metal aesthetic. 11 tracks ranging at around 33:29, the quartet delivers a solid psychedelic characteristic. Opening with “Luleås Vampyrer”, I immediately notice the lack of English vocalization from multitasker John Strömshed, who also performs on guitar/bass for good measure. The formula here is a slab of concrete Heavy Metal, embossed with groovy nimbleness and progressively technical attributes. The sound production is stellar; it's filthy and raw as it pummels your eardrums with blistering instrumentation and musicianship. While I can't understand a word, “I Din Skugga” provides diligent executions in atmospheric rhythms and powerful grooves which are deadly sophisticated.

Consisting of powerhouse drummer Fedja Budimir, who showcases a distinct pattern in his contributions - they are atmospherically slow which portrays that chilled out vibe while in songs like “Jag Vill Leva För Alltid”, they are hasty in its own intricately designed way. “Ingen Tyst Minut” formulates more flourishing enjoyments that while they aren't massively savage or sinister, the melodies are quite excellent. Bassist Edvin Holm has a complex dedication of brutally menacing riffs that are louder than hell, “Under Isen” supplies proficient dominance with epic songwriting adroitness and dexterous efficiency from second guitarist Rasmus Bogegård. Most songs are around the 2-3 minute mark like “Kräla Hem”, the prominent distinctions are quite admirable that distribute that 70s-80s borderline Rock 'n' Roll while converging that modernized sense of Heavy Metal complexions.

Tätt Intill” is another diverse array of various mechanics that varieties with elegant orchestrations; still, the absence of English is probably what distinguishes the memorability. The doomy structure is sufficiently excelling though, “Svart Vatten” is slower in pace - having a calming edge which sounds exquisite, just a little bland and generic in performance. The substance is commendably persistent, as it is in “Blodsmak” where the bassist showcases immense volume and stability in which is most notable. “En Fot I Graven” is an acoustic exert, building up with more relentlessly stimulating punch line music. Overall concluding “III” with “Konsten Att Falla Vackert” which is a ballad of some sort…the record is graceful and fulfilling, just the exclusive transition of Swedish vocals kind of destroys the experience - yet if you manage to void that, TUNGA MOLN is a unique record that Rock/Heavy/Doom Metal fans should relish.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Sound Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Luleås Vampyrer
2. I Din Skugga
3. Jag Vill Leva För Alltid
4. Ingen Tyst Minut
5. Under Isen
6. Kräla Hem
7. Tätt Intill
8. Svart Vatten
9. Blodsmak
10. En Fot I Graven
11. Konsten Att Falla Vackert
John Strömshed - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Fedja Budimir - Drums
Rasmus Bogegård - Guitar
Edvin Holm - Bass
Record Label: Hevisike Records


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