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Turbocharged - Area 666

Area 666
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 09 September 2013, 6:41 PM

There are times in life that one can’t simply get some ideas out, for some things really are beyond our comprehension. And speaking in terms of Metal, we cannot understand the main reason why some bands try always to focus their efforts in dusty and out dated styles without trying to make something new, to breathe some new life in their music, and then creating something more full of personality, even when it’s nothing new. And “Area 666”, the new TURBOCHARGED is a fine example of what I am talking about.

The band really has talent, I can feel it in while listening, but I am sorry to say: the 80s are over, will never come back, and they’re a carbon copy of bands like CELTIC FROST and AURA NOIR. It’s not wrong trying to get back that sound, but to do so, must have a lot of personality. Vocals reminding of Tomas Gabriel (a.k.a. Tom Warrior) too much, guitar riffs sounding like something between Black and Thrash Metal in the vein of AURA NOIR, bass and drums making a heavy and very simple rhythmic basis (but effective this way).

Even with the hands of Rikard Löfgren taking the duties of mastering cannot do the difference, for even with a good level of production, the sound is too dated, trying to get the very same atmosphere of some Black / Thrash bands from the 80s, and even the Metal / Punk trend that is invading Metal right now.

However, not everything is that bad, for sometimes it’s very neat, as in songs like “Swarm” and “Worshipper”, but the dusty sound really got on my nerves, with addressing the feeling “I-heard-that-somewhere-once” that is quite strong on the entire album.

I really think that old and new school of Metal could exist along, but to do so, it’s necessary to have life in your work. So, I hope for a next release of the band, where they will do something more of the true TURBOCHARGER face. Metal really doesn’t need clones or zombies…

1 Star Rating

1. Area 666
2. Swarm
3. Christian Corpses
4. Worshipper
5. Divine Bacteria
6. Masses, Mortals and Maggots
7. Blood in, God out
8. Godfearing Cunts
9. Scavengers of the Light
10. Churchfire Commando
11. The Slut and the God
12. Rouge Evangelist
13. Vandalize the Vatican
14. Christcrawler
Ronnie "Ripper" Olson - Bass, lead vocals
Old Nick - Guitars
Freddie Fister - Drums, vocals
Record Label: Chaos Records


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