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Turbocharged - Militant

by Aaron Eerdekens at 21 August 2015, 5:51 PM

Swedish three-piece Metal band TURBOCHARGED have released their fifth full-length album, called “Militant”, just two years later than their last one. They even released an EP in between. They certainly have been productive.

The first song, called “Dark Era”, starts with an ominous spoken intro about blood and darkness, which can serve as a hint of what is to come. What comes is something they themselves call Deathpunk Metal, and it’s main characteristic is that It’s brutally loud and fast. But that can’t be a surprise, I guess. It sounds a little like SLIPKNOT at its loudest and heaviest, but with a guitar solo included.

“Aura of Flies” is the follow up song and it’s just as outspoken as the opener. The highpoint follows when with fifty seconds left; an outburst of guitars and drums follows after a moment of silence. “Popecleaver” belongs in the same category, except there’s a kickass solo near the end, and “Where The Sodomites Never Burned” displays the coolest guitar riff on the album yet. It also has an intermezzo in the middle of the song, after which it explodes completely.

What’s nice about this band is that the singer constantly screams at the top of his lungs, but you can still understand what he’s singing about. A lot of Metal bands can learn something from that fact, if you ask me. Even in “Demonization”, which is the loudest and fiercest song yet and has yet again a piercing guitar solo in it. “Dead Flesh Monument” and “Massive Worldwide Armageddon” follow the same structure and are just as powerful as all the rest. They form the lead up to “Militant”, the title song of this album. It’s all SLIPKNOT with some SLAYER solos. For a title song, “Militant” doesn’t really jump out as it might have done compared to the rest.

After that they work their way to the end of the album, and they do that very well with “Battered And Crucified”. It’s only a couple of seconds, but when the bass gets his moment of glory, goose bumps may just cover your arms for a bit. It’s definitely the fiercest song of all. “Extreme Dechristianazation” and “Blood Red Rain (Over The White Plains of Heaven)” are all in line with the general atmosphere of the album, but don’t bring anything extra to it. They end with “Left Hand Psychopath”, which brings a little change. It starts more slowly, and it’s a bit like Stoner Rock band KYUSS in that instant. But then the band goes on like we have come to know them by now. Powerful, energetic and deliciously loud.

3 Star Rating

1. Dark Era
2. Aura of Flies
3. Popecleaver
4. Where The Sodomites Never Burned
5. Demonization
6. Dead Flesh Monument
7. Massive Worldwide Armageddon
8. Militant
9. Battered And Crucified
10. Dechristianization
11. Blood Red Rain (Over The White Plains of Heaven)
12. Left Hand Psychopath
Ronnie Ripper - Bass, Lead Vocals
Freddie Fister - Drums, Backing Vocals
Old Nick - Guitars
Record Label: GFY Productions


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