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Turbulence - Cryonics (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 August 2008, 11:04 AM

I recently got this CD and when I came across the name TURBULENCE I was sure I know these guys from somewhere. Anyway, to tell you the truth I didn't expect to listen to that kind of music from TURBULENCE since the cover artwork is too modern. So, here it goes…

The band was initially called VIOLATOR but changed its name to TURBULENCE; probably because of the Brazilian thrashers with the same name or just because they went through some line up changes. Anyway, this is their first release under the name TURBULENCE and it is an EP with an intro and three songs.

The first thing that I was almost sure about was that I would face a weak production, and I was damn right. The band's music has no heaviness, no solidness at all. It is what I call a demo level production. Let's put this fact aside and go on with the music that is contained in this compact disc. TURBULENCE play a mix between classic 80's Bay Area Thrash Metal with some more melodic touches. After a not so relevant with the band's music intro, which is played with a violin, the first song kicks in with a riff that reminded me a bit of XENTRIX and also features 1-2 moments that the band tries to perform some SPASTIC INK breaks.

The singer is not really what I expected to hear since he has a clean and melodic voice and to say the truth slightly better pronunciation than I thought. All in all, this EP is not so bad and shows that the band has some potential. With a bit more work and a better production I think that these guys will amaze us in the future.

3 Star Rating

Weakest Link
Escape From Inside
Leo Fassoulas - Vocals
Dennis Korx - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick-Name - Bass, Backing Vocals
Liam Fox - Drums, Backing Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Nick Beys - Violin
Theodore Ziras - Guitar
Nick Melissourgos - Backing Vocals
Mimis Kalatzis - Backing Vocals
Record Label: self financed


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