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Tuxedo - Flowerfield Melodies Award winner

Flowerfield Melodies
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 20 December 2013, 2:25 AM

TUXEDO are a Metal band, or more specifically, an “original Austrian Alpencore” band from Mattighofen. Formed in 2005, the six-piece have recently released their latest album “Flowerfield Melodies”, which proves to be an interesting and addictive creation.

The album has a rather disturbing introduction, beginning with a glitchy accordion sound, before the screams, guitars, bass and drums come in, and the percussion becomes quite interesting towards the end. “Intro” has a rather unexpected beginning, and takes a rather unexpected turn. The following track “Anger” is Metalcore at its finest, with an Alpencore twist. Christopher Kiebe, Johannes Frauenhuber and Michael Tiefenthaler’s vocals are dark and foreboding. The two guitarists Tiefenthaler and Jakob Schreinmoser play some very funky riffs in this track, whilst percussionist Frauenhuber, bassist Reinhard Seifriedsberger and drummer Christopher Till back things up with brutal force. Next up we have “Ignorance”, another impressive track by all members. The vocals are very diverse, and the rhythm highly addictive. Track number 4, “Booom”, really deserves that extra ‘o’. It’s heavy, edgy, and likely to be replayed several times in a row on your iTunes. “World of Deadhearted” is so face-paced that the guitarists and drummer are at risk of getting a speeding ticket.

“Rethink Your Choice” is a tamer track, at least in the beginning. However, it does contain some very groovy bass and percussion, an awesome breakdown, and not to mention some cow sounds at the end. The successive track “Fight” is another with addictive riffs that you won’t soon forget, and “Social Scum” follows suit. “I’m Always Here” has a symphonic quality in the introduction, and contains some nice clean vocals to accompany the growls. Track 10, “Deambula”, really emphasizes the Alpencore through the percussion, yet also has plenty of elements to identify TUXEDO as a Metal band. “Self-Absorbed Folk” has some impressive duo guitar work, with alternating riffs that give the song its funky rhythm. Likewise, “Dying Sheep” opens with undeniably groovy bass and percussion, which continue throughout the track. The final song consists of instruments rarely seen in Metal, such as an accordion. “Self Polka” has a funky Polka rhythm, and humorous spoken voices, reminding me of Finnish Folk Metallers KORPIKLAANI.

An impressive band with a unique sound, TUXEDO brings something different to the Metal table. You’ll thoroughly enjoy listening to “Flowerfield Melodies”, and are likely to have the album on repeat for some time.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Anger
3. Ignorance
4. Booom
5. Deadhearted
6. Rethink Your Choice
7. Fight
8. Social Scum
9. I’m Always Here
10. Deambula
11. Self-Absorbed Folk
12. Dying Sheep
13. Self Polka
Christoph Kiebe – Vocals/ Samples
Johannes Frauenhuber – Percussions/ Vocals
Michael Tiefenthaler – Guitar/ Vocals
Jakob Schreinmoser - Guitar
Reinhard Seifriedsberger - Bass
Christopher Till – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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