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Twelve Noon - Saints And Sinners

Twelve Noon
Saints And Sinners
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 October 2017, 11:21 AM

Every life’s story has its angles, its twists, but eventually, there are common grounds along with other happenings that were heard once before. Positively not the first, and you can bet that it wouldn’t be the last time, I got a brand new touch of both ends of the coin that is constantly spinning in the front of our faces, stinging our minds, through their new album of the American Modern Metal band TWELVE NOON. Without too much being poetic, the band seemed to be all for wrapping everything up in a nice package that has a tending for inner combustion. “Saints And Sinners” was set into the clean air just recently via Eclipse Records, continuing the American vibe in contemporary Metal that appears to be endless.

If you had any expectation that “Saints And Sinners” would be the one breaking the ice, asserting a spread of innovations, you are dead wrong. However, it has the right kind of hook, notable composing quality and great instrumental abilities, therefore, the album’s capability of standing out is at hand and could be rendered as a substantial step forward. Similar to A and B level acts such as METALLICA / ALTER BRIDGE / IN FLAMES / TRIVIUM / SALIVA / CREED, the Pittsburgh group is showcasing the prevailing concord between utter heaviness and marketable hook-laden songwriting. Truth be told, the same recycled pattern is reflected within the album without too much exploring, as in many others that were released before it. Nonetheless, it is all about how you do it right? “Saints And Sinners” is displaying the band as a one stop shop for both Metal and Hardcore fans, especially the American born and bred kind, consisting of energized tunes with lead guitar melodies and fine soloing, showing the songs’ true emotive states by delivering the clean and growl vocals bearing such intensity and dexterity that would kick something inside.

“Hope In Tragedy” came and went like a bomb, surely the band’s most expressive song of the entire album. It mentions aspects in the life that are common ground of many, emphasizes the harder times with the right ample punch, surmounting the drama with chunks of melodies and decisive chorus. The violent “Back for More” fits the image it represents, with my personal estimation that it is not all dandy. As if a volcanic eruption just occurred, TWELVE NOON escalated for just one go and did it well. The dramatic opener “Change My Ways” was the right door to go through into this album, showing the band’s true worth at setting the pieces altogether to produce a hit as an opener. I can also recommend the sorrowful “Bottom of A Bottle”, destructive menace “The End” and the impressive work on “No Way Out”.

Other than everyday's hardships, and there is none that could say that he or she is not infected by what is going on around, life is showing us that one should look at fuller half of the glass. TWELVE NOON didn’t need musical ingenuity to be honest, “Saints And Sinners” showed the whole picture, whether through beauty or ugliness, it celebrated well produced music and a band with a good future ahead of them.

Purchase Link: Twelve Noon

4 Star Rating

1. Change My Ways
2. Saints and Sinners
3. Breaking Down
4. Hope In Tragedy
5. Better Side
6. Carry On
7. No Way Out
8. Back for More
9. Bottom of A Bottle
10. The End
Michael Loew - Vocals
Rob Heil - Guitars
Justin Runkel - Drums
John Devlin - Guitar
Tim Clark - Bass
Record Label: Eclipse Records


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