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TwentyDarkSeven - Roar Award winner

by Jeff Legg at 22 November 2014, 10:46 AM

I believe 100% that the 80’s Hair Metal revolution was the greatest era in recorded music history. If you don’t believe that, just look at the numbers that are most important to the music industry: album sales and ticket sales. Platinum albums were abundant and sold out arenas were the norm. All of us have a special moment in life that’s forever tied to an 80’s hard rock song, and every time we hear it, it evokes an emotional response. This was the Platinum Album Generation. So what happened? Why not now? Somewhere along the way, someone decided that this style of hard rock wasn’t relevant anymore, leaving me confused as to why something that was so good then, can’t be so good now. Being a massive fan of the 80’s hair band explosion, I’m always searching for great bands brave enough to commit themselves fully to bringing back that classic sound and don’t compromise their sound at all for commercial reasons. Let me tell you, I found the savior; TWENTYDARKSEVEN. This German/Dutch quartet, is comprised of Marcus Jürgens on vocals, Peter Wagner on guitar, Alex Jansen on bass, and Hans in 't Zandt on drums, and their sound possesses everything that music once was, back in the 80’s, when rock n’ roll shook people’s souls. And with the release of their debut album, “Roar”, these guys are intent on showing the world what the ravenous music industry has been missing for more than twenty years now.

RATT, OZZY OSBOURNE, DOKKEN, and LYNCH MOB, are all bands that instantly came to mind while listening to “Roar”. Upon first listen, I was drawn into the excitement of what the next track held, and I can honestly say, that every song delivered the goods. Jürgens is the epitome of what a rock n’ roll lead singer should be: a big strong, yet perfectly melodic, voice with effortless power, and he has the looks that kill as well, reminding me of the days when David Lee Roth, Axel Rose, Ozzy Osbourne, and Vince Neil graced the biggest of stages. Peter Wagner on guitar is as good as I’ve heard in a long time. His shredding is to TWENTYDARKSEVEN what Eddie Van Halen was to VAN HALEN, what Randy Rhoads was to OZZY OSBOURNE, and what Slash was to GUNS N’ ROSES; a genuine Guitar God, a show in himself, and he exudes that special presence from a guitarist that most hard rock bands lack these days. His style is very reminiscent of two of my favorite guitar players of all time, Zakk Wylde and George Lynch. He is simply amazing! Something that’s really special about this band is that Alex Jansen on the bass and Hans in 't Zandt on drums, are not just the “other two guys in the band”, they are rock stars in their own right. Jansen has that old school Greg Bissonette style of playing with thundering rhythm and is one that I could envision playing a 10-minute bass solo in the middle of a 60-minute set. Hans in 't Zandt is one of the most versatile and experienced drummers on tour and adds a flare behind the kit, both live and in the studio. I’d pay the price of admission just to see this guy sound check.

I’ve read all of the stories lately stating that the recorded music business is dead. I haven’t fully bought into that idea just yet, but if “Roar” doesn’t “blow up”, this could be the one that finally convinces me to give up hope that the music industry can survive. With the vocal prowess of Jürgens and the masterful guitar wizardry of Wagner, TWENTYDARKSEVEN has the potential to become legendary and “Roar” should be hailed as an instant classic and prove to everyone that ROCK IS ALIVE. Many bands have dared to tread on this sacred ground laid down by the 80’s Rock Gods before them, but few have succeeded in recreating that musical magic. In my opinion, TWENTYDARKSEVEN are full-fledged magicians.

5 Star Rating

1. Do You Like the Dark
2. Come Undone
3. Heart of a Lion
4. So Damn Insane
5. Killing with Kindness
6. Edge of a Knife
7. You Don't Know Me
8. Stand Your Ground
9. Back in the Dirt
10. Hard Times Coming
Marcus Jürgens - Vocals
Peter Wagner - Guitar
Alex Jansen - Bass
Hans in 't Zandt - Drums
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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