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Twentydarkseven – Catch A Fire

Catch A Fire
by Justin Joseph at 02 February 2022, 10:17 PM

There often lies a certain mysticism to music from whence it originates, for if it is fashioned from a mind that pours itself onto the melodies that are churned, then it becomes much more than complex notes and a voice that echoes its chambers, I truly believe that it's architect has now created a world from the very dust of his emotions, a world for another's sense to inhibit, explore and draw upon the same essence that fuelled its conception.

"Catch a Fire" the recent release by TWENTYDARK SEVEN is an album that unfurls itself allowing its musical structure to take fluid shape, like a pale orb that casts its serein glow upon a lake, where the light shifts like quicksilver, such is the same with "Catch a Fire". Even though at its core, the musical bloodlines run deep into the soil of traditional Heavy Metal, it's roots never become restricted by being static into one specific tone, and this is where one it's beauty becomes radiant…for it is the manner in which TWENTYDARK SEVEN transfigures the construct of the genre to birth a plethora of melodies, where each one spirals and flows into different shapes adapting to the atmosphere that is manifested.

Songs such "Broken" and "Night Finds You" emit a grandiose aura to their delivery, but not with the intent of being mountainous in order to mask itself with a majestic facade, rather the merit bares itself in the instrumental arrangements and vocals where both aspects at times these elements cascade into different streams but converge into one unanimous body. Both Hard Rock and Heavy Metal moments are intertwined into the overall structure that is "Catch a Fire" where neither aspect overlaps one another, instead they ebb and flow into one another seamlessly, this transition, in my opinion, brings across another memorable experience upon the album.

The zenith of this album's crescendo takes the form of its voice, for in my opinion, this becomes the very spirit that binds the other variables together, the very thread that adorns this tapestry with colour and a certain gleam of animation to its delivery. Take for instance the song, "Undertow", while the skills displayed by the register utilized is done rather well, the merits arrive not from the talent more so in its ability to convey different peaks of emotions, where at times the very vocals can sound prophetic as well as valiant in its aura.

"Catch a Fire" becomes more than just a Heavy Metal album but rather a journey with many branching paths, each one where the listener can discover and discern different emotional patterns made into sound. It is this very reason why I would recommend it to every Heavy Metal fan.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Walking High Wire
2. Broken
3. Hypocrites And Parasites
4. One Light Burning
5. Wing And A Prayer
6. Dead In The Water
7. Blame It On The Moon
8. Hideaway
9. Undertow
10. Losing Myself
11. Night Finds You
Christoph Renner - Bass
Vitali Schogenov - Drums
Marcel Bernhardt - Guitar
Marcus Jürgens - Vocals
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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